Saturday, April 20, 2013

Queen's University

I was tired. I got into my housecoat, onto my chair and under my blanket. Then, suddenly and without warning, I was giving fashon lessons and tips to two young girls. Joe, being funny, said that it was like watching the queen mother, in royal robes, give sage advice to little princesses in waiting. Hmmmm. Mike, their dad, really wanted to take these pictures, to which I reluctanly agreed - I'm not much for having my picture taken

We had quite a day. A visit to the McMichael Gallery, lunch at Dave and Busters and then Ruby and her dad went off to the ROM for a dinosaur sleepover while Sadie had a popcorn party here watching favourite videos. She put her feet in the bowl of popcorn to discover if it would tickled - science requires answers - and then was suprised whe Joe and I were too full to eat any more popcorn.

Many extraordinary things happened today regarding my work about disability ... two really big things actually ... but when I came to write this blog. This is what I wanted to remember of the day. Play time, down time, with Ruby and Sadie. They love coming to our place and we love having them.

So for today, just a couple of pictures ... what we don't have a picture of is our tired old faces, after a day of fun and activities when the apartment is quite except for the faint snores of a child asleep. Why don't we have these pictures? Didn't have the energy to pick up the camera.


CT said...

Dave, it is lovely to see you with the girls. Thanks.

Tamara said...

Glad Mike pushed for pictures. They're great. I enjoy the diversity of your blog. Makes it more real.

Anonymous said...

You are all so blessed to have each other. Thank you for a glimpse into your circle of love.


Kris S. said...

I must know, and I don't want to do the research: DOES popcorn tickle when you stick your feet in it?

Deb said...

The girls need these pictures, because when they are 45, 50 and 60 years old they will look at them with grateful tears and remember the acceptance and love you shared with them. They will see you, and remember you, as infused with the beauty of spirit, which is the only beauty which endures. We are more beautiful than we imagine. :)

Jayne Wales said...

God I know that feeling. Last time our grandchildren came these little apparitions just stood silently by my bed willing me to wake up at 5.30 am most mornings. Make overs, treasure hunts, question and answer sessions, tickles, playing trains, singing Luon King, feeding time, bath time etc etc. wonderful but completely knackering. We just looked at each other when they left and fell asleep in our separate chairs! Great times to treasure.