Thursday, April 04, 2013

Computer Goes on Strike

What an evening, our new computer simply refused to work. I spent all night trying different things to get it up and working. I took out the battery, I turned it off and then on again. Nothing would work. Couldn't do today's blog, last nights emails, anything on facebook. Nothing.

So I got up this morning pushed a couple of buttons, got the computer to scan itself, managed to get on briefly. I don't know if this is a permanent solution or if it's a lucky chance. So, no time to write today and fair warning that my blogging might be very sporatic as we are travelling A LOT and there won't be much time for blogging ... I don't like 'lobby writing.' I love the fact that hotels have computers available but I can't write with so much activity around me.

Anyways, if I'm here tomorrow, what I did today worked.

Gata run!


Anonymous said...

Good luck!!

"Mike" said...

Dave, No Worries. Trying to get my training wheels on Face Book too and I understand your point about space and writing. BTW (that's how we say "By the Way" on the net--pretty cool, huh?) Have you read that book by Stephen King on writing, a memoir of the craft?