Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Feeling Silly After a Long Sit

I know a study isn't conclusive with a small sample size. I know that, yet in my head I have determined that thirty-something, slightly less than chunky, men in Albany, NY are the nicest people. Joe and I stopped to grab lunch at a mall where they have a Johnny Rockets because be both felt like having one of their veggie burgers. We parked and headed towards the mall door. A man, fitting the description above, saw us coming and he went in the first set of doors and pushed the button for us to get in, then he did the same on the second set of doors. He said, smiling, "the buttons aren't working from the other side." We thanked him and he chatted with us a bit as we walked towards the junction, where he turned left, we turned right.

We'd been on the road for a very long time and it was time to 'e-liminate' (it reads less intimate if it looks like it's done electronically). Joe held the bathroom door open and I pushed towards the accessible stall. As I did so someone came out of the other stall. I tried the door to 'my' stall and it was locked. The guy who'd gone in must have done so just before I came in, he opened the door to see if I was a wheelchair user, saw that I was and vacated the stall. He explained, needlessly, that the other one had been taken. He saw it was free and slipped in there.

Gobsmacked. Absolutely gobsmacked.

After lunch I headed into Macy's to shop and Joe went to get the car. I was trying to get through an area where they'd left just it just a bit tight. Another fellow, same age range, came over and asked (ASKED) if it would be helpful for him to pull the rack over a few inches. These were the kinds of things designed to be pushed and pulled about, I told him that it would be a tremendous help. He moved it, I thanked him, he nodded in response and headed off.

So three out of three situations where these guys simply helped out, acted courteously, made my day just a bit easier. They were friendly without being intrusive. The one fellow asked before helping ... and though the other didn't ask, it wasn't a situation where that was necessary. How incredibly nice. I'm constantly reminded how easy it is to make a difference in someone's day.

All three guys were about the same age.

All three guys were a little thick around the middle.

It's a small sample ... but I have determined that slightly less than chunky guys in Albany are nice.

Albany ... maybe the meaning behind the name is ... "place where we help a brother out." Probably not, but in my mind, it does.


Anonymous said...

Alright Albany!

Susan said...

God bless Albany, N.Y!

Anonymous said...

as the seat of NYS gov't with its recent budget cuts to agencies supporting people with disabilities I can assure you that is not what Albany means. I'm glad you had good experiences.