Sunday, April 28, 2013

Moleskine and Me

I got up yesterday morning and prepared myself to write a blog. I had a steaming cup of tea beside me, I had my fingers on the keyboard, I had the cursor up in the left corner of the screen, and then, I sat. I blinked away the harsh white light a few times. I ran through things in my mind. Then, remarkably, I clicked off Blogger and went about my day. I've posted almost every day since I started this blog and I felt giddy at the thought of skipping out for a day. My glee wasn't about deeking out of a responsibility, it was because, as I ran around the aisle of my mind, I couldn't find a single thing that I wanted to say or anything that I felt needed to be said. I was empty of ideas. This is a rare thing.

We went about our day. Haircuts first thing. I take maybe five or six minutes, I'm not styled, I'm mowed. Joe takes longer so I went shopping for twenty minutes and got back exactly when he was done. We dropped my purchases off at home and then went to pick up what we needed to make a veggie version of shepherd's pie. Our recipe simply substitutes the lamb (they kill baby sheep!) with Quorn. We got home, after having stopped for lunch, and set about making a giant pie. We've got a busy week and we wanted to make enough so that we don't have to cook for a few days.

That done Joe read a bit while I planned for next Wednesday. I'm shooting three pilots, of about five minutes each, for a proposed web based television programme about living with a disability. I had discussed the three segments with the producer and then realized, yesterday afternoon, I'd better prepare a bit for the day. Monday and Tuesday are riddled with responsibility, so now's the time to get ready. I sketched out each of the segments in my trusty Moleskine notebook. It was way fun. I did this while pushing away the thoughts that a fat, very fat, disabled man was maybe the most unlikely person to ever host a show on anything. It took some fortitude to finish doing it because a big part of my mind is calling out to me, "Don't set yourself up for failure or ridicule." But then, that was the same voice that told me not to get up in front of an audience to lecture so - hush.

Work done, Joe joined me in the front room to watch television and enjoy the rest of the day. It was, really, a fairly unremarkable day. Then, middle of watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Joe paused the programme and said to me, "You did hear what those guys said at lunch today ...?" I told him that I did. "And are you going to write a blog about it?" he asked. I told him that I would but that it would take a bit of time.

And as you can see, I'm not done yet.

So, instead of leaving another day blank, I've written this. I've already received a few emails asking me if I'm fine. People worry if I miss a day or two. So, that's a tour of our day. I'm going back to work on what happened at lunch yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking of this very fact the other day - how faithful you are at blogging. It is amazing! And please know - also appreciated. It is something I look forward to. Thank you.