Friday, April 19, 2013

Like No One is Watching

We picked up the girls and their dad after work today and suddenly the vehicle was full of NOISE. Hugs were first on the list and both kids flew into the car to give me a big 'hello' hug - we hadn't seen them for a couple of weeks. The ride down was full of chatter and laughter and jokes about farts. We played 'who can spot the CN Tower first ... and everyone claimed to have won ... that debate went on for quite some time. By the time we pulled up, pretty much everyone was a bit tired.

The girls had brought a movie they wanted to watch ... I didn't catch the title ... but it involved a princess who was turned into a flying horse by an evil spell, her sister who was determined to break the spell AND save the kingdom ... of course there was the handsome dude who didn't get it, until the end when he realises that she was right all along and he never should have doubted the existence or power of a wand of light. Gripping stuff.

The movie, though, had some remarkable music. I think I remember seeing that the soundtrack was performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and featured music by Beethoven and Grieg. At one point when the music was lush and the story was slow, Ruby got up and started to dance to the music. Sadie was engrossed in a new game we had bought the girls and, though she had pleaded to watch the movie, never saw a frame. I was in my chair, in my housecoat, with a blanket over my legs. I had a cup of tea beside me which I was sipping on. I felt very grandmotherly!

Ruby turned to me, after a slightly off balance pirouette and asked, "Do you ever dance, just for fun?"

I joked, "I dance inside all the time."

"That means, No, right?" she asked, still swaying to the music.

I told her that she was probably right.

"You should dance more. It's fun." She advised me gravely.

And I should.

Should you?


Mike Allen said...

Dancing makes us more of who we are already, human beings. Of course, I've also heard psychiatrists say the same thing about taking our meds.

Dave, still ironing out some tech issues. Got a new phone today. Tomorrow, I'll ask Mel to help with synching, linking, and, if there's time after that, maybe we can kill some zombies. Take care, bud.

Mike Allen said...

Would also be interested in some more stuff about humor and disabilities (sp?). I remember this great story you told once in 2004 at that training for Support Solutions in Maine. The reason I ask is that I'm comfortable with jokes about DID but I'm not sure others are. I suppose there's a simple and then a more complex response to this issue.

Anonymous said...

I'm dancing on the inside more often then I do in real life. My body is totally out of sync and I only do two steps with my feet. But when I am alone at home and I like the music and I am in the mood I dance like there is no tomorrow :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks so much for this blog. I read you every day and haven't commented in a long time. I love the insights and posts that make me think. And I especially enjoy the lighter posts like today's that remind us: in the words of the Bee Gees, You Should Be Dancing.

Deb said...

Is anyone watching? No? Then, since I love your blog so much, I am going to give you a big smacker of a kiss right on the top of your head! (My husband is a "wheeler" whenever we have to walk more than a very short distance, so I know the *vulnerable* spots!)

Sometimes *we* dance - just two or three steps - the laughing usually stops us, or our energy runs out.

But there's still joy inside, even when you're old and wrinkly and in pain and a bit (ahem) chubby. Even if you can only sustain the dance itself for a few seconds. No need for tutus.

Tamara said...

Absolutely. Shawen makes me. :-)