Thursday, July 01, 2010

Here, Here, For Canada

I am ridiculously proud of being Canadian.

I absolutely love my country.

Typically, as a Canadian, I can't tell you what makes Canada, Canada or Canadians, Canadian. I just know we are.

I remember, once, asking my Dad about the Second World War. I asked him why he went to war, he paused only briefly, and then simply said, 'For Canada.'

I remember, once, when traveling overseas between second and third year of University, wearing the Canadian flag on my backpack and having people say things like, 'you're lucky to be a Canadian'.

I remember, once, when doing a keynote at an international conference it was announced that I was the first Canadian to ever open the conference and I felt my heart beat with incredible pride.

I remember, once, talking to a new Canadian who was bursting with pride due to her new membership in the Canadian Club - and I was reminded to take my citizenship more seriously.

I remember, once, when the band struck up 'Oh Canada' none of the people around me were very sure of the words, but we all loved the song, and that seemed oddly right to me.

I remember, once, going to the war museum and seeing evidence of what my dad did, what tens of thousands did, 'For Canada'.

We are an imperfect country striving for perfection.

We are a country of shy patriots.

We are the country that my dad quietly loves.

And today is our birthday.

Happy Birthday Canada.


Anonymous said...

I remember asking my dad something similar more than 35 years ago - He was born in Italy. Dad if Italy and Canada went to war who would you fight for - I expected great hesitation; at the time we had grandparents, and dozens of aunts and uncles and still today about 100 cousins. He didn't hesitate, Canada it's my home. I was shocked and challenged him. He said it would be very sad and difficult but did not waiver. Canada is home now and has given me so much, I could never turn my back on our country. I too am very proud to be Canadian.

Moose said...

Happy Magical Land of Canadia Day!

Martha said...

We are a country who has never had a dictatorship and one, while the history of immigration is sketchy, remains the leading multicultural nation in the world.

I think that is something to be very proud of!

Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg said...

Okay, I admit it. I have Canada envy. I've always wanted to be Canadian. When I was a kid going to Boston Bruins games, and they were playing Montreal or Toronto, I'd listen to The Star Spangled Banner with something akin to boredom, but "Oh Canada" nearly brought me to tears every single time.

Is there some way to become an honorary Canadian? Please? :-)

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Canada.

Belinda said...

I am forever grateful to be a Canadian--for 41 of my 60 years (well technically 39 because at the time we came over, British subjects only had to wait 2 years.)

To all who wish you were, such as Rachel, you can be Canadians of the heart. This means that you immediately have to practice apologising when it's not your fault, being peace loving, modest,unsure of your true identity but embracing of all, and you have to love tourtiere, ice wine and maple syrup on everything!

Liz said...

Rachel, just because you said Please, today you are an honorary Canadian!!! Happy Canada Day !!! :o)

Shan said...

Yay, us!

Oh my gosh, my word verification is.......



Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg said...

Liz, I can't believe I get to be an honorary Canadian just for saying "Please"! I knew my old-fashioned upbringing would come in handy.

And Belinda, I think I meet most of the criteria, except that I don't know what tourtiere and ice wine even are, and I've been working on *not* saying sorry when it's *not* my fault...sorry! :-)

Andrea S. said...

I don't know what tourtiere and ice wine either -- does this disqualify me from being an honorary Canadian?

Anonymous said...

Okay I just had to reply to what is tourtiere and ice wine. Tourtiere is a very dense meat pie, not those swanson meat pies filled with gravey and vegies and a few chunks of meat, but dense and hearty so when you slice it, it remains a wedge. Ice wine is made from leaving the grapes on the vine until winter and we are into several nights of freezing temperatures. When frozen solid they are harvested and crushed. The resulting wine is super sweet. Tourtiere, Ice Wine and Maple Syrup are all truly Canadian. The wine made when winter starts, Tourtiere eaten to get us through winter and maple syrup runs when winter is ending and spring is near. That's Canadian - finding ways to deal with Winter.