Sunday, July 11, 2010


It was a bizarre argument.

Truly, completely bizarre.

We went to gas up the car, Joe always gets out even though there is a gas jockey there to pump it for him. They chatted and I heard part of the conversation. The jockey was asking Joe what it was like to be retired. Joe assured him that he was at least ten years from retirement. Then he jokingly added that he'd bought a lottery ticket and that would speed up the retirement process right quick.

Then, as he always does, Joe said, 'So if I win the millions, what kind of car do you want me to buy you.'

The young man said, 'I don't want a car, I want a house.'

Joe said, 'I'm not gonna buy you a house!' and laughed.

The young man said, 'What are you going on about buying me a car, I'm saving for a house.'

Joe said, 'OK, no car.'

The guy, after a pause, said, 'What about the house.'

Joe said, 'I'm not promising a house.'

The guy, 'But I don't want a car.

And on and on it went.


What the guy didn't realize, probably, was that if Joe had won the millions he would have bought him the car. Now, he gets nothing.

When Joe got in the car I said, 'Did I hear that right.'

He was still annoyed, 'Sometimes I just don't understand people.' Then he shook his head and I knew that we were never talking about this again.


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

What's that old saying about the gift horse??

Talk about things that make you go hmmmm...

Hope its the most bizarre thing that happens to both of you all week.

Take care, Susan down under

Susan said...

I'll take the car!

ivanova said...

So funny. I love arguments about wildly hypothetical things. Doesn't the guy realize he can just sell the car and put the money towards the house? I hope Joe wins the lottery! Oh, and if he does, I'll take a Honda Civic, LOL!

The Untoward Lady said...

I can't drive, may I have a bike?

Moose said...

With some people, you give them an inch...

and they take the ruler and beat you with it.


FridaWrites said...

If he wins the lottery, I'll take a used wheelchair van, lol.

Shan said...

Uncle Joe, if you win millions you can please put a ramp into my house so you and Dave can have tea here when you are in town.

(Awwww!!! What a sweet niece!!)

(This reminds me of that bit in Jane Eyre, when Mr Brocklehurst tells Jane, "I have a little boy, younger than you, who knows six Psalms by heart: and when you ask him which he would rather have, a gingerbread-nut to eat, or a verse of a Psalm to learn, he says: ‘Oh! the verse of a Psalm! angels sing Psalms,’ says he; ‘I wish to be a little angel here below;’ he then gets two nuts in recompense for his infant piety.”)

Donna Harper said...

I am so excited to have found this... I too have worked with folks with disabilities for over 25 years and after an amputation and stroke find myself in the role of one with a disability. I attended an inservice years ago and bought I Contact, I Witness and i to I. You quickly became an inspiration to me and as such, I hope I have made changes in the way I serve the amazing folks who put their trust in me. You have always been a source of inspiration for me and now all these years later I am thrilled to have this reconnection again. I look forward to reading more and having someone like you to connect with today! Thanks for all you have given to my life!!!!!