Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Bird And A Favour

Before beginning today's post, I have a favour to ask you. Joe was mucking about on the computer and came across this contest where you are supposed to nominate a person who has made a difference or is making a difference in Canada. He decided to nominate me as a surprise. He worked so hard on it that he even managed to put a picture up. This is big news as he has never been able to even email a picture before. He proudly showed me. I was touched. Then when we looked further, you can't vote unless you have a facebook account. We don't have a facebook account. So there sits my nomination without a single vote. The nomination happened right at the end of the contest so there's no way we can win but I'd like to have a couple votes. So if you have the time and the inclination, could you drop by the contest and vote for me, I'd appreciate it. Now grovelling done. Today's post.

Update! So many people went to vote that I just won for the day and am now one of the 33 finalists. I can't say how thrilled I am that so many of you zipped over and voted! Thanks. Now:

The Bird

We were driving through Barrie on the way to have tea with friends. As we were turning into the Chapters parking lot, Joe stopped and waved a woman in a big SUV to go ahead and pass in front of us and make her turn. Joe, sometimes to my supreme annoyance, is one of the most polite drivers on the road. He almost always lets someone wanting to make a turn, go ahead, someone wanting to cross the road, cross the road. I know it holds us up for only seconds but as human nature is human nature, it sometimes really peeves me.

For some reason the woman didn't want to take his offer and she waved him to go ahead and make the turn, which he then could not do because a car was coming our way. She did not see the car coming so she began waving frantically for us to make the turn. I tried to point that a car was coming and then her face contorted and she began to scream at us, I know she was swearing. This really pissed me off because it all began with Joe being nice and how she was a screaming banshee.

In the second I had to make a decision, I decided to let her know what I thought of her behaviour and I flipped the bird at her. Her eyes shot fire. I'm convinced that her husband routinely suffers from singed eyebrows, cause the fire shot straight through the glass. A break in traffic was coming so Joe turned a bit waiting for the opportunity to get out of the situation. With the turn my wheelchair in the back seat came into view.

She noticed the wheelchair and it was like a slap shot her back into her seat. Her face changed and she calmed immediately and, while I'm no Sue Thomas, I could read the words, 'I'm sorry' on her lips. Now I was really mad. Good, God, can't we have just a decent traffic scream!?! Much as I hate to admit it I was hating the drama while loving the release of temper that the situation allowed. Now pity has to enter into it? Like you can't be mad at a person just because they are a wheelchair user? Just because they have a disability?

What is that about?

I want normal interactions in routine situations. Even when that's being shrieked at in traffic. I want to go ahead and confront a traffic jerk by being a traffic jerk. My wheelchair does not exempt me from situations of temper or annoyance, at least that's what I hope.

So when you need to, scream at me.

Does that all make sense?


wendy said...

It makes perfect sense, Dave. What do your legs have to do with her road rage??? Not a damned thing.

In terms of the contest I can't figure out to vote. I can ready your nomination (nice job, Joe!) but I see nothing that would allow me to vote. I can post it to my facebook page but that won't help me vote. What am I missing??

Dave Hingsburger said...

Wendy, you can't vote because I've won this 48 hour segment. It seems that every 48 hours the one with the most votes wins. So, I'm a finalist! Thanks readers.

Jeannette said...

Do you have to be Canadian to vote? When the next 48-hour segment rolls around, will those of us who live below the border be shut out?

Anonymous said...

I so entirely get this. I just experienced something that I see as similiar when I was at the park with my sister on Canada Day. I'll give you some background first, but I promise I'll get to a point eventually. Swingsets remain as the bearer of great joy for her. It also brings me great joy b/c as I stand there pushing her, it reminds me that parents only get about five years where they get to be the one to power that exciting ride for their little person. However, for my sister, I will always get to be that person. That said, despite our mutual appreciation for playground swings. We had a moment the other day where I realized that "Autism Awareness", while helpful, has brought about "Autism As An Excuse". I explained carefully that we could swing, but not for too long b/c there was a line-up. I gave gentle reminders when the swing ride was approaching the end. I explained clearly that we would come back when it was less busy. Yet, my sister was also very clear when she began to yell "my sister is bugging me, I'm swinging". This became louder and louder until it was quite apparent that she was going to make her own choice (which I can appreciate) and remain on the swing. This is not at all how she responds generally. I truly believe she was simply in a bad mood and I was irritating her. Yet, the mother standing behind me told her two waiting children that "that girl can't help it, she's autistic". Ten years ago, I would have been thrilled for that awareness and openess to discuss Autism with children. Now, I wonder can't my sister be entitled to those moments where she just wants to have an attitude and a be a jerk?

Shan said...


Thanks. I needed that. Carry on.

Shan said...

About the contest, and for the information of your readers:

I've just read the rules & regs, and because you won your 48-hour segment, you receive your prize AND are entered into the Grand Prize draw. The Grand Prize is a random draw, so no voting is required...just finger-crossing!

Kristin said...

It makes perfect sense, Dave. Congrats on your win, btw.

Glee said...

Sure does Dave. A few times I have accidently bumped ppls ankles with my footplates if they stop suddenly in front of me. Once a woman turned with her faced contorted ready to yell, then she saw me and SHE apologised. So funny I just wanted to laugh at her. Pity sucks - rage is honest!