Thursday, July 08, 2010

Disability Blog Carnival: Spawn of

I mentioned a while back that I had missed some posts that had been submitted to Rolling Around in My Head for the Disability Blog Carnival. I need to say, firstly, that all the people missed were quite nice and understanding about my error: whew!! I had never done one and was overwhelmed by the submissions. I'm doing it again in December and promise to be more careful but do not promise to be error free. I'm glad I'm not perfect, it would be too much pressure for me.

The theme as you remember was Pride. I wanted people to send in posts that they were proud of and, funnily enough, Pride is the topic of the first up for DBC:Spawn. Steph writes about Pride. If pride goes before the fall, we've all tripped.

I couldn't believe it when Amanda wrote to say I missed her post. I've met Amanda and we got along wonderfully. I hated the idea that my carelessness may have hurt her. Her piece is about something I think about and talk about a lot. The idea that other's think that people with disabilities enjoy life's richness less and miss out on much. This rich post is about life's richness.

In the original DBC:Pride I wrote about voice and even now as I type I can see, in my mind, the wooden letters that form the word 'VOICE' that sit on my window sill at work. Hand2mouth writes (or is it speaks) about VOICE.

The last of the missed was caught almost immediately. When Lene let me know I'd missed her the original blog had only been up a couple of hours. I felt terrible. Here's a woman who has won 'best disability blog in Canada' and I've missed her post. I put it up right away, but still, people who had visited by then would have missed her submission, so I'll let you visit her again.

As I said, I'm doing the Disability Blog Carnival again in December. I've not come up with a theme yet but will give you all a lot of notice. Though I made mistakes putting this together, I like how it was all handled with grace and good humour. I believe that everyone understood that my intentions (those damn things) were good but my organization, poor. If only comment and discussion could always be so kind and forgiving.

Enjoy reading: DBC:Spawn


JFB said...

Thanks so much Dave and all the other bloggers for writing from your hearts. Today, more than most other days, I needed to be reminded why I am here.

Lene Andersen said...

thanks for putting the link up again!

I'm working my way through the post and they're all excellent. You did a terrific job and I loved the theme!

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!