Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today Will Do

Please come visit, today will do.

I need you to drive the 'snakes' from my thinking. Those slippery things which either distract me with unfounded fear or lead me to conclusions I ought not make. I need someone to stamp the ground and beat the bushes, I do not need to be chasing phantoms at this stage of my life. It is now that I need to be able to focus, it is now that I need clarity, drive from my thoughts the worry snakes, the self snakes, the snakes of doom, the snakes of inadequacy.

Please come visit, today will do.

I need you to drive the 'snakes' out of my heart. Those serpents which hiss at me, warning me away from risk, warning me away from trust. They whisper to me to eat the apple, to see the world as it is. Cold. Cruel. Craven. Strike thy staff upon the ground of my heart, reset the rhythm, let it beat like it did before the first bruise, the first abrasion, the first break. I need to be able to believe that goodness is possible, that people will to good, that we can live a life intentionally caring for others.

Please come visit, today will do.

I need you to drive the 'snakes' out of my very soul. Those long word snakes, the ones that wind themselves around my will to be, my will to love, my will to believe. These are the poisonous snakes:

<<< so fat and stupid you'll never amount to anything ((((O~~

<<< people laugh at you noone takes you seriously ((((O~~

<<< who do you think you are you are nothing nothing((((O~~

They crawl into my ears to block praise, they crawl into my eyes and block smiles, they crawl into my mouth and stifle words of affection.

Please come visit, today will do.

St. Patrick, you strode the length and breadth of Ireland, you drove the snakes from the land. But that was so long ago. You must be up for the battle. Tell you what, Saint Paddy, dear. On Wednesday, your day of days, I'll wear a green shirt, eat a green salad and sip a green tea ... and today I'll cheer on the Parade as it passes by. Surely, for all that ...

You could come visit, today will do.


Jen said...

This is a wonderful post Dave. I don't say that because I am morbid and want to see you feel this way but because the snake analagy you have used is so accurate and really resounds with me! Beat those snakes with a stick, they don't belong anywhere near you for you are loved, you are intelligent and caring and read by many. I sure do hope they sliver away and you end up having a wonderful day :)

Liz Miller said...

What Jen said.


wendy said...

It's a horrible thing how the snakes catch hold of a person. It's horrible what we carry with us through our whole lives. No matter who we are or what we become their hissing just can't be silenced some days.
I wish I could just whip you up a big batch of "snake-be-gone".

Kristin said...

What Jen and liz and Wendy said...{{{{HUGS}}}}

Gina said...


I have seen you in person several times. I am far too lazy this morning to count them all up but every time you get near me in Michigan and I can make it, I come to hear you. My sister experiences a disability and one time I brought my mom to hear you speak in Traverse City. It was a conference for professionals but they let her come for a portion of the fee. You spoke on sexuality that time. My mom was so thankful to hear your message.

Every time I hear you I am refreshed and re-vitalized and more sure of my role in educating people. My job is to provide training to adults who will be working with people in specialized residential homes (yes I know we need to break everyone out of those mini-institutions but for now I train the staff who work in them, and I hope they hear our message). You are one of the advocates that I introduce new staff to. I introduce them to your books and your blog. We use your Ethics of Touch video and have spirited discussions about the way we interact with people with disabilities.

I spoke with you one time after a conference and I think I came off as a stalker. You seemed a little leary to hear that someone would come and see you over and over. I am the opposite of the stone face women. I am one of the laughing girls (OK, I am no girl but it fits here). When I leave a day with you I have new energy.

I tell you all of this to give you the truth that you are NOT worthless.... If I were a saint I'd stamp out the snakes for you. In my more mortal form, I can only give you external support and hope that you can take a little of my regard into your heart and make it your own.

Unknown said...

Dave, did we have the same parents?
I know the snakes well and fight them as you do. But you make it easier for me to rid my world of my snakes. I wish I could make it easier for you.

Jan said...

Dave I want to say what everyone else has said as well as a reminder snakes slither on the ground so we can gaze over them and see the sky. You have lifted so many of us up I hope these posts help you. Take care and look up

Colleen said...

Dear Dave:

I would like to send you some "snake be gone" too.

So, remember that lady you helped in the grocery store? the one whose attendant was abusing her - and you helped her to report the abuse and make it stop? Take that snakes!

I know there are lots of other incidents where you have made the world a safer place for people with disabilities - all ingredients for "snake be gone". Along with all the people who love you.

May God hold you in the palm of His hand (part of an Irish blessing)


L. said...

Dave, I really appreciated this post as today I am beset by some snakes of my own. Others' snakes are so easy to see--but one's own are vicious. I'll drive away yours if you drive away mine.

Wonderful metaphor and such helpful words. Thank you!

(My verification word is ressess... I think some snakes may have snuck into your spam filtering system?)

Terri said...

This world does have a lot that is cold and cruel, it is also full to the brim with beauty, kindness, love and incredible warmth (heat even.) It is completely unfair when the snakes infiltrate and crack us apart from the inside. I pray we can all hold on to our belief in the good when the snakes slither in... St. Paddy is just the guy for it.

Belinda said...

Don't let the snakes win. There are hearts that love, appreciate, care and admire.

Kris S. said...

Dave, you are one of my heroes, and I know many others who hold you in equally high esteem. Your wise words have inspired me more times than I can count. PLEASE keep up the good work, and tell those snakes to go do something useful.

Gone Fishing said...

Strange you should write that for today I went looking for Saxon Trolls in our forest and found a few.

People seem to consider me brain injured (or not) and stupid.

But I at least can see the Trolls they missed as they walked through the forest.

Only one posted on my blog so far, more to come.
Do come see.

Susan said...

This is a post I'm going to print off and put in my own box...

And I'm with Gina... we're Hingsburger groupies and proud of it!

Remember my daughter Beth who I brought to your "Connections" presentation in Barrie a couple of years ago? She is now working full time supporting people with disabilities. She told me just this last week that going to hear you speak that day was the best preparation she could ever have had for her job in terms of choosing her attitude and having an approach that is respectful - and utilizing creativity to the nth degree in "making connections".

You're the best, Dave. The very best.

But most of all... you laugh at my jokes.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I think I might even wear green myself that day, now that you have completely changed the meaning for me of that day...