Monday, March 08, 2010

The Gift of Today

So, we have an unanticipated day off. On our way down to Missouri, we called the hotel, as we always do, in order to assure ourselves that the room is accessible and everything is in order. Well, the room was accessible but things weren't in order. A quick call to the organizer of our time here in Missouri straightened things out. We are working Tuesday, Wednesday, not Monday, Tuesday. We had headed down a day too early. Joe was really upset at himself for making the mistake, me, I was briefly annoyed too. But then we realized that all it was costing us was an extra hotel night so, so what.

We've planned a day that we weren't supposed to have. That's kind of cool. These days with everything organized long in advance, life micromanaged into one hour compartments on an iPod calender, getting time just dropped in your lap seems more like a gift. We are going to go to the Winston Churchill museum here in Missouri (who knew) in the morning and then grab our books and read and nap through the afternoon - delicious.

I hope, dear readers, that all of you get some unexpected time for yourself, and, more than that, that you have the courage to take it.


wendy said...

My partner and I refer to those as "Bonus Days"...the ones you hadn't anticipated. Like the time we couldn't get out of Miami because of bad weather at, bummer, two extra days off together! Enjoy!

Kristin said...

That sounds absolutely heavenly. Enjoy your day enjoying each other.

Belinda said...

Right on! A snow day in Missouri! Yes, Wendy, "Bonus!"

Suelle said...

Hope you had a good time at the Churchill museum! We enjoy going there a lot with our son Teddy--it's not ever crowded & it's quiet, which suits him well.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to see you on Wednesday when you're in St. Louis. I still hope to see you speak again sometime in the future, one way or another! I hope you have a good stay in Missouri & please come again soon!