Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Drop In For A Visit ... Say Hi From Me

Many years ago, well in fact, many, many, years ago, I formed the impression of niece Shannon as being someone who was going to grow up and be very good with words. In fact, to encourage her young literary pursuits, I submitted a poem she wrote to the Toronto Sun's Poetry Corner. Her poem was published and she won some kind of prize for her work. I don't remember the prize but I do remember being all excited when it appeared in the paper and then Joe and I folded up the newspaper and sent it, along with the prize to Shannon.

Then a wonderfully talented little girl, now a wonderfully talented woman. We reconnected some years back when she made a comment on my blog. It has been wonderful getting to know her again and becoming friends. I've called her a couple of times to chat about the blog or about a particular post, I trust her opinion on things literary and I trust her to be able to give me feedback which is both true AND kind. That's a skill set we all should strive for.

Well, yesterday I went to her blog and she had posted something that I just loved. I thought it one of the best pieces of writing I'd read in some while. She writes a story that immediately makes you want to pick up the phone and call her to tell her one of your own stories. When a writer can write about herself and have you think, deeply, about yourself - that's art. Some of you will know her as a regular commenter here on Rolling Around In My Head. I'd like to invite you to drop by and read Shannon's blog post.

Please say, 'Hi, from me.'


painting with fire said...

Love your blog but I'm struggling with the new design - white on dark is not only hard to read but triggers migraines for me. Hope you might consider changing it to dark on white background. thanks!

Shan said...

And it's spring on RAIMH! Nice template.

The poem was about a raccoon, and I won a red velcro wallet with the Toronto Sun logo!

Thanks Dave.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Shan, do you still have the poem

Andrea S. said...

The grass background works for me, even on my preferred browser! Thanks for continuing to experiment with this. I'm hoping it works for others too!

I said hi at Shannon's blog like you asked :-)

painting with fire said...

I love the change - thank you!

Anonymous said...

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