Friday, March 05, 2010


I was tired after getting home. It had been a hard day, lots of questions, lots of concerns, lots of tension reducing laughter. Too, niggling at the back of my mind was my, still hurting, sense of betrayal by wrongly placed hero worship. So when I got home and saw Henry, all perky and ready to go, I decided to go out with Joe to pick up a few groceries.

During the afternoon the repair guy had called, was in the area, had a cancellation, was able to be there 'right now'. Joe jumped at the opportunity and an hour or so later Henry was completely fixed. In fact the new tires are attached more firmly and are stronger than those that were taken away.

Shockingly the repair guy left needing only a thank you. He told Joe how the power chair was out of warranty but that the 'break' should not have been able to happen. When he got back to the office he argued with them about the repair, insisting that we should not have to pay. He said to Joe that he has spent his life plagued by a need to see 'fair play' in action. Apparently he's got himself into trouble because he just couldn't stand by quietly and see wrong done. Our chair needed to be fixed and by his reckoning, it needed to be covered by the company.

After a bit of wrangling, it was all agreed to. This news took Joe, and then me, aback. We just thought from his first visit that it would be done for free. We didn't know that this repair guy, another Dave by the by, went to bat for us and spoke up to ensure that we were treated fairly.


As I dispose of a famous not so hero, I learn that heroes are around us every day. They are simply people who do right because they have built a character that allows them no other choice.

Like guys named Dave who fix wheelchairs.

For free.


miss kitten said...

that definitely balances out the last post.

blessings on those people who get themselves in hot water for doing the RIGHT thing.

that includes you, dave. you keep trying to do the right thing because you KNOW it is right. *hugs*

Heather said...

I am so pleased that Henry is back in action. That's brilliant.

What an amazing guy! That kind of selflessness is not seen often enough. Well done him.

Karma in action :-)

Anonymous said...

We all have angels in our life, some people just don't recognize them even when they are standing right in front of them. So glad you recognize yours...

Belinda said...

That Dave's company should be congratulating him on the excellent customer service he demonstrated, and giving him a raise! He should not have had to argue about getting it fixed free of charge.

Generosity and doing what is right always comes back to enrich the giver/doer in return, while on the other hand, miserliness rebounds too.

Liz Miller said...

WOOT! Yay Dave!