Friday, March 01, 2013

Hey World, Thanks

Joe doesn't write a blog. But if he did, he'd have written about today. He had a pretty good morning but he had a really horrible afternoon. On the way home in the car he said, "We need to make an emergency stop at the liquor store, I'd like a beer tonight." So. That's what we did.

Over the next couple of hours as Joe recounted what happened, I don't think he wants me to write it here, he met with something that astonished him.





Now, for those of you who know Joe, you'll agree with me that Joe puts a lot into the pot. He's a good guy. He's a kind man. He's ready, always, with patience. He brings a lot into relationships and he add a wonderful spice to whatever people stew he finds himself in. He's always been that way. First to laugh, last to take offence. He's also a man who doesn't need much to be happy. He asks for little from people and is more comfortable, much more comfortable, with giving and doing rather than taking and receiving.

But ... today he needed.

And people gladly gave. It was remarkable to watch how people showed concern for him. How they understood why he'd be so upset. How they took time, the time he usually takes, to listen to what he had to say. I was pleased. Touched, even. By how people rallied around him.

I write often of the need for kindness, and sometimes I think I focus too much on the issue of disability in relationship to kindness. It's true isn't it that we all need, from time to time, the generosity that springs from a kind soul. We all need pull our chair up and sit to thaw at the heat that flows from a kind heart. WE all need to be caressed by the softness that warm blankets our shoulders which can only be found in kind words.


All of us.

And today was Joe's turn to need.

And the world, and for this I will be thankful in prayer tonight, surrounded Joe with warmth.

Thank you.


Love, Dave


Anonymous said...


Wishing him the best, too.

It is good to be able to receive.

Anonymous said...

It is encouraging to read your blog today. So many times it is the negative that taints our world- blocks out the good, the kind, the lovely. Glad Joe experienced some good attention today.

Mike said...

Hope everyone is ok. Sounds like you all have each others' backs.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Joe experienced kindness.

Susan said...

Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. :)

Anonymous said...

Smply wonderful!


wendy said...

I'm so glad Joe got what he needed from the world today. It's amazing how it helps just to be heard.

Cynthia F. said...

Joe, your many far-flung fans are glad that those closer in were able to support you today. Wishing you a quiet and comfortable evening with a nice cold beer and your loving husband.