Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fairies, Fairies, Fairies

We bought a night light for the girls room. It's a beautiful fairy, with a lovely wand, and she is wearing a lovely pink dress. As soon as I saw it in the 'sale' aisle of the Meijers I grabbed it. She was the only fairy left and she looked lonely. I put in the basket and caught Joe's look. (Oh.. Shit.. More. Junk.) I shot back a look (It's. Not. Junk. It's. A. Beautiful. Fairy. Grab. Some. Group. Loyalty.) She stayed in the cart, made it to the till, and the look of relief on her face when she realised that she really was going home with us was heartbreaking.

Crossing the border we didn't admit to having a Fairy on board but the fellow after interviewing us wouldn't have been surprised. OK she made it home to Canada. For a couple days she stayed hidden in the suitcase, didn't want the neighbours to discovered that they had an extra fairy to contend with. The magic that spills out of this apartment is quite enough thank you.

A couple days before the girls were to come over, we're all going to see the Wizard of OZ on stage, I had Joe bring Fairy to life by plugging her into the kitchen. Suddenly a beautiful, really very beautiful, soft pink light lit up the room. We were both surprised at the difference the light made to the feel for the room. Joe admitted that he had thought we'd give Fairy to the girls to take home but thought now that we might just keep her.

After supper tonight, we all gathered around to watch Wallace and Gromit and the girls loved the fact that the episodes had STORY as well as lots of laughs. Both of them were trying to figure out if the penguin who rented rooms with WandG was evil or nice, or if the robot dog would send Gromit to jail. They called out ideas and guesses as to where the story was going. We love that kind of involvement in watching a show together at home.

But. Then it was bedtime. Joe took the girls down to the bedroom and showed the girls their new nighttime companion. They were both struck dumb at how beautiful she was. Then, in an act of pure showmanship he switched on the light. Both girls gasped. Both girls whispered, "She's beautiful." Seconds later, Ruby was asleep, Sadie held on for a story, but she feel asleep her eyes full of pink light.

Fairy had been found in the remaindered stuff from Christmas. A dusty last minute display of stuff to get rid of. She was marked down. Attached to cardboard that was ripped. I'm sure many people didn't even notice her standing there, wanting to watch over little girls at night. Wanting to have a purpose.

It's amazing what people don't see when they don't look.

Me, I saw it because when I glanced over and saw Fairy standing, sadly waiting, on the shelf of misfit decorations, I had been thinking about the girls. I met the Fairy's eyes and saw them through the eyes of two little girls who love Fairies and who love pink and who love a bit of a light on at night.

We'll apply for her papers on Monday.


painting with fire said...

Love this!

Anonymous said...

Awe! What a touching story. :)

Anonymous said...

Keep Fairy in your house - both for you, and to keep her special for the girls.

They might have so much competing stuff at home, she wouldn't be appreciated. Unless they beg to take her home - but then YOU won't see her.

What a dilemma!

It's the little things, isn't it?

Belly (Liz McLennan) said...

What a pretty post, Dave. Love the "get with the group loyalty" comment - made me snort-laugh.

Wordshurtorheal said...

Love the eye to eye connections.

Dave Hingsburger said...

It's settled, Fairy is living with us, it will stay in the girls room, it turns out to have been a wise aquisition. Both girls said it made the room feel reallys special.

Cynthia F. said...

What a wonderful story. PHOTO of FAIRY PLEASE!!!!