Friday, March 29, 2013


This morning it was cold on the bus. As is my habit, when I get on the bus, I take my gloves off and tuck them under the seat belt strap. I then am free to use my hands to check emails, send texts and play word mole. I was picked up at 6:30, it was dark out, every time the door opened winter climbed on board.

I arrived at work, the last to be dropped off. The door opened and I got my hat on and took my gloves from where they had been tucked, and slipped them on.

They were warm.

Really warm.

My hands were enveloped in a blissful heat.

Without knowing, without intention, warmth filled the gloves.

I thought to myself, as I got off the bus, that I hope that I warm those I meet I meet ... without knowing, without intention.

It is my belief ... that some of the best lessons one is given ... can be lost in the not noticing.

Here's to noticing.

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Anonymous said... is to love. I noticed...