Wednesday, March 06, 2013

3 Things: Spread the Word

Spread The Word to End the Word.

Today is the annual day of awareness about the use of the 'r-word' ... in literature and in language. Mostly I want you to visit the campaign's webpage ... but ...

Here are three reasons I don't use that word:

1) The moment I was first told that the word caused pain, I could no longer use it without being aware of that fact.

2) Purposely causing pain or choosing to cause pain are things that I don't want to be remembered for.

3) Joining, in solidarity, with people with intellectual disabilities, as they advocate strongly for a respectful world to live in, has given my life renewed purpose.

Here are three reasons I speak up when others use that word:

1) Awareness brings responsibility - silence is acceptance.

2) People know that the word is a hurtful word, they expect that others don't have the courage to speak up -  I do.

3) I don't have the power to change the world but I have the power to change the world around me.

Here are three positive things I am doing, year round, to make a difference:

1) I write letters - to those who create entertainment - when the word is used.

2) I speak up, in some way, to store managers who hire people with disabilities, I thank them for their commitment to diversity.

3) I strongly support both the self advocacy and disability pride movements.

Here are three things I want you to know about me:

1) I used to use that word, I have stopped.

2) I resented being called on it.

3) Change was hard, but change is possible.

Here are three words to describe the world I want to live in:

1) Welcoming.

2) Inclusive.

3) Just


Anonymous said...


I too, speak up when the "R" word is dropped or used in Social Media. Most of the users of the word don't see why it is wrong...afterall it is just a word. The ole sticks and stones story... what people don't realize is the wounds from those sticks and stones heal... however, words cut our insides like a knife so deep that we bleed internally forever... We need to remember to chew our words before we spit them out. <3

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dave for saying everything I've wanted to so succinctly. Knowing that word causes pain to anyone else should be enough reason to STOP using it.

Mike said...

I've forwarded the URL with requests that this information be made available to the lists I belong to, and I've forwarded this information to my students.

John R. said...

Thank you. It is helpful to put the campaign in context like this; like only you can do! Appreciated and will use the post all day!!

Tamara said...

Thanks for being such a great spokesperson on this topic, Dave. I know you deal with its use consistently. I have found that most of the time when I talk with someone about their use of the word, usually someone I know, that they listen and seem to understand and want to make that change. I have had some negative experiences too, but mostly positive. I think we all just need to have the courage to speak up.