Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Quick Moment, A Short Blog, A Big Realization

Arthur Christmas.

Ruby sat beside me, Sadie beside Joe, each beside the other. Considering that sentence, on proof reading, it seems like one of those quiz questions that ends up, so - who was wearing blue. Anyways, they were entranced by the movie, as were we. I loved it. Quick, clever, funny, heartfelt, everything they did advanced the story - it was terrific. The ART of storytelling on display.

Anyways, enough gush. We entered the theatre, seeing our second movie of the weekend, and found seats. I rolled by a young man and a young woman both with cerebral palsy, he was a wheelchair user, she was not,  I sent him into a shock when my wheel brushed gently against his foot. I apologized, he smiled his forgiveness. We took our seats. I glanced over every now and then and noticed that the two of them with their two care providers were all laughing and enjoying the show. Every now and then he was caught by the humour and nearly leapt out of his wheelchair.

After leaving the theatre we found our way over to the elevator and rode down. We were watching the kids, keeping them in sight, as we were solely responsible for their safety. I noticed the gang of four who had shared our row and I called to them as I passed asking them if they had enjoyed the show. I knew they had and I wanted to share in that with them. Now, realize, I would have asked anyone I'd seen in the theatre. The two care providers spoke up immediately telling me that they loved the show, the young woman also said that she'd liked it. He sat in his wheelchair, hearing the conversation going on above him and around him, looking as if he'd checked out for the duration of our chat.

I looked straight at him and asked, 'Did you like it too?'

I know what it is to be left out of conversations.

He looked at me in some shock. Pulled himself upright, having slumped over like he'd run out of energy, and said that he'd loved the movie. We had just a moments chat and I was off. But I will remember for quite a while the grin on his face.

Inclusion makes people happy.

So ... just do it.


Anonymous said...

"Inclusion makes people happy.
So ... just do it."

That should be a motto on a poster for inclusion.

:-) Julia

Jen said...

a great motto indeed.
I watched it at the weekend with my nephews and its a great film, and much funnier than i was expecting.

Feminist Voice with Disabilities said...

I love your motto!

Sher said...

I used this as my FB status today....giving the credit to you, of course.....and it's been "shared" MANY times. You should print T-shirts. You could retire. Have a great evening.

wheeliecrone said...

"Inclusion makes people happy. So... just do it."
Yes, please!!!

Elasti-Girl said...

p.s. we loved the movie too, I smiled like a child (with the rest of them) throughout! :)