Thursday, December 01, 2011

City Hall Update

Dave, I have confirmed that the event on Dec. 3 is being moved inside to the City Hall members lounge at City Hall 100 Queen St. West from 12:30 - 2 p.m.

This was the final email I received after much discussion with staff from City Hall. Let me do this briefly.

1) The woman who I initially thought cared, actually did. She worked hard to bring people together and to ensure that a fruitful discussion take place. I apologize to her for jumping to the conclusions when she didn't return my call. She was waiting for answers, I was waiting for a call. Things happen. I got that one wrong.

2) I spoke to people from the Diversity (it has a longer title) department at City Hall and, remarkably, felt really heard by them. I don't want to get into a blow by blow description of the discussion as it was far ranging and passionate and would be impossible to sum up correctly. In the end I really did believe that I was heard, that my concerns were not being denied or minimized and that there would be real effort next year to celebrate the International Day of Disabled Persons well.

3) What could have been a rancorous discussion between antagonists became, quickly, a strategy session between allies - that magical work was done by the folks from the Diversity Department. I thank them for that.

4) I also thank all of you who supported me by writing in to City Hall and for commenting on the blog. It's moments like these that I am thankful for my home community of fellow RAIMH readers.

So, all's well that ends better.

I can go to the ceremonies, indoors, on Saturday.

I am so very, very, pleased.


Lene Andersen said...

woo! Awesome!!

See you there!

Anonymous said...

so happy to hear that :)

theknapper said...

so glad to hear that Toronto city hall listens

Anonymous said...

Phewph. It's a good thing you didn't have to resort to planning your own party.

Flemisa said...

Wish you had left the address in as would have sent a positive message to them.
Hope you have an awesome day.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Hi Anon 2, first you should know that this is a blog community that values a diversity of opinion and open discussion. Clearly from your remark you disagree with something that's been done or been written. Just state it clearly. I'm guessing at what it is but let me just clear some things up. The International Day of Disabled Persons can't actually be called a 'party' ... the celebrations of that day are not particularly 'festive'. People with disabilities struggle for equality, for access and for respect. This is a day where we honour the work done and acknowledge the work yet to do. I do not believe that anyone asked the city to throw a 'party'. In fact, they aren't doing that. If you read carefully, the celebrations have been planned by various organizations and individuals within the disability community. The city is simply giving space for it to be held indoors rather than outside in the cold. That's all. If I've misread your comment, clarify it with me. I like discussion, even argument. I remain pleased that those I spoke to at the City listened and discussed these issues with me. They took them seriously. I thanked them and respect them for how they dealt with me and with the situation.