Thursday, October 18, 2012

The True North

Today was rushed. Really rushed. We have been getting ready because soon we'll be 'leaving on a jet plane.' I had meeting after meeting in my office and I had several things to review, approve and sign. I wanted to take off with nothing left undone at the office. I keep in touch, daily, with the office while away, but it's nice to go with all the stuff that can be done, done.

So when I was told that the engagement party was happening downstairs for two people with disabilities who receive service, I felt the pull to go, but I also felt the pull to stay. The stack of stuff hadn't seemed to get smaller no matter how long or hard I worked on it. But, finally, I decided to get out of my office wheelchair, into my travelling wheelchair and head down stairs.

I got there in time to hear the couple make speeches and thank everyone for coming. They both spoke about how much they loved each other, how they longed to be a couple, how thrilled they were to be there, publicly proclaiming their love.

It was such a simple lovely moment.

I stayed for a very little while and then made it back upstairs, I had several meetings yet to go. I had several things yet to read, respond to and take action on. I found myself rushing, more than I would have if I'd simply stayed.

But, I didn't mind rushing.

Today, Joe and I are leaving on a jet plane. But as I sat there I remarked to myself that these two are also leaving on a journey. These two have pledged to take that trip together.

I guess it's time to make room for a couple new seats at the adult table.

London! We're coming!

And you know, when those tires lift off the ground, I'll be leaving Canada, the true north, stronger and freer.


Belinda said...

We will miss you! But relax into those plane seats knowing that we all go with you and can't wait to hear of the adventures that will come. God speed!

Anonymous said...

Have good time in good old "Europa"...

Hugh Campkin said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Bognor next Friday, Dave!

Safe travels


Tamara said...

Glad to see - once again - you have your priorities in order! Work is always there, but engagement parties don't happen every day. It seems to me that it's an important part of honoring the work - not only the work you and others have done - but the work this couple has surely done to live their dream -

Congratulations to them! and prayers for a safe and wonderful trip for you and Joe!

Belly (Liz McLennan) said...

This is lovely, Dave. Such a wonderful metaphor for a couple beginning their new life together. So glad you got to see them off on their adventure.

Have a grand one, yourself!