Monday, October 22, 2012

Blog Carnival Delay

Hi, I have very slow internet and am going to delay the Carnival til next weekend. I want to do this well. I had planned the 'celebrations' blog carnival to fall on Joe's 60th birthday - but next weekend we'll still be celebrating! So there is still time to submit.


Nan said...

Ahhhh! Joe's birthday! Now I get it! So I WILL participate and please wish Joe a happy birthday!

CapriUni said...

Hee! Happy Birthday, Joe!

Actually, Mother started a family Birthday-celebrating tradition that I've been trying to spread to the wider culture-at-large, with limited success. But you and Joe seem to be doing anyway, so maybe this is the right platform to share it,

It's called "The Birthday Octave" -- an eight-day celebration of the birthday that starts on the Birthday Eve, and continues through the following week. And during that week, you're given license to do extra-nice things for yourself, like have seconds on dessert, or sleep in a little later, or go ahead and go to that movie matinee... Also, as long as a birthday party or happy birthday wish falls within the octave, it's "on time." So if an important, serious event (like a business meeting, or doctor's appointment) falls on the birthday itself, it doesn't spoil your overall celebration.