Saturday, October 06, 2012

A Rambling Saturday Morning

Right now Joe is packing around me and he is keeping his eye on this computer. I think if I look away for a second it will be packed in it's lovely green Tesco carrying case. We've been on the road now for 11 days and, after a presentation to families this morning, we will be heading home. Joe stands looking at the things we bought and the things we've brought and trying to organize them into suitcases. In a minute he will become insensate to anything that doesn't have to do with getting stuff inside other stuff. The computer is always last to be packed because, well, I have to have something to do and though my disability doesn't disallow me participation - packing is Joe's thing. He finds my 'just stuff it in there' approach, um, unsettling. I've been formally disinvited from helping.

Since we've been on the road for a while we've picked up stuff for the kids. A few things for ourselves - I found 5 cool pair of wheelchair gloves, two all season, two winter, one spring. I have hand fashions for the whole of next year. I'm ready to roll! We got some Halloween stuff ... although the Oreo cookies with the orange filling sadly didn't make it to the trip home. But, on a happier note the gummy tarantulas are still intact in their bags.

Time is creeping up and I can feel, 'aren't you done your blog yet' coming. He's got to pack the car and then we've got to do breakfast and go over the agenda for today. I don't usually work Saturdays but I don't turn down opportunities to speak to families if I can help it. We'll be heading over to the Police Academy where I've been lecturing the last few days - never have we felt our car safer in a parking lot - and I'll be joining some self advocates who are going to be presenting after I finish.

Then it's home for Thanksgiving.

Tofurky and the trimmings!

Joe is now slowly advancing on me, I think the blog is now don


Belinda said...

Ha ha! I loved that you didn't even get to finish the last letter!

Happy Thanksgiving--and enjoy that tofurky!

Nan said...

Happy thanksgiving and hugs to all family!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you both! Make sure you give each other double thanks.

Joe is such a gem - each tidbit you share makes me want a "joe" - but I know he's a one and only and all yours!

I am thankfull for you and your blog which has informed and entertained me in a dark time. Cheers!

BubbleGirl said...

I've been uninvited to the packing portion of road trips, too. My husband has an incredible eye for "Tetris-ing" all of the things into the trunk of the car. It's like magic. It takes him about 2 minutes to get everything in. I would eventually arrive at the same level of organization, but it'd take me half an hour at least.

Shan said...

Packing is my sole domain too...maybe it's a genetic thing? Next time I go on a trip with Mum I will check whether we come to blows over it.