Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Book Club Date Chosen

At Swim Two Boys 

The Rolling Around in My Head book club was begun with the idea that books which explore, through fiction, the realities of people with disabilities are worth a look. The books aren't ABOUT disability, which is what makes them more interesting I think. The books chosen here are about as far from mainstream as possible - last one was Barnaby Rudge - but that doesn't matter.  The next book, like "The Secret Scripture" is set in Ireland - I assure you this is coincidence not design. Now ...

Next Book Club Choice

At Swim, Two Boys isn't an obvious choice for a Disability Book Club but I found it spoke to me both as a gay man and a man with a disability. This book has a style that is tough for me, but I'm into it now and loving the language and the ideas. Fair warning, the book has some fairly explicit sexual scenes - relatively tame if the characters were heterosexual, but still slightly scandalous in a LITERARY NOVEL when the characters aren't.

I've not set the exact date for this, as I need to coordinate this with my book reviewer, but November 19 strikes me right. (How many blogs like this one have the luxury of having it's own private book reviewer type person??)

The book may be a bit difficult to get hold of, but for those who find it and persevere this is a ripping good read.

Tomorrow's post will follow.

(for sharp eyed readers, yes, I admit, I just edited and updated the original post)


Karen said...

Read it. Loved it. Will read it again gladly.

AkMom said...

Just placed a hold on it. With your "hard to find" comment, I wasn't sure my little library would have it.

Anonymous said...

Just read 600 Days of Edward which is a book I'd recommend.

Andrea S. said...

Off topic for this, but I read a post I think some RAIMH readers may find compelling, written by an autistic woman who has experienced being committed to a psych ward against her consent:

Kimberly said...

The Kindle version is available on Amazon in the States.