Friday, October 12, 2012

The Call

(Today's post follows - tomorrow's is coming)

Rolling Around in My Head

Is Proud To Host

The Sixth Annual Disability Blog Carnival
Happening This Month

The Topic: Anniversaries, Birthdays and Celebrations

Just write about the things you commemorate. I'd like this to be a joyous carnival - let's give the lie to the fact that we in the disability community live lives of quiet sorrow and tragedy. Let's make it clear that we are a raucous group of people who can party with the best of them. So ... 

The Date: I need submissions by October 20th and the blog will post on October 23rd. 

Leave Your submission in the Comment Section    


Rickismom said...

CapriUni said...

I'm sorry this isn't a piece of unadulterated joy, but it's what what was running through my head when this month's Blog Carnival Theme was announced:

"If" and "When" -- A Poem of Eulogy and Celebration