Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Whole, Belated, Truth

This week, coming, is going to be a hard one for both Joe and me. We were to have flown to the United Kingdom on Thursday in advance of a several week lecture tour. However, life intervened, and we had to cancel a few weeks ago.

There are now some rumours that I am on my deathbed.

That I have retired because of health.

That I will no longer be able to work, or to travel, or to lecture.

Oscar Wilde quipped that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. In this case, I'd have to disagree.

I don't like to write about my personal health concerns here on the blog but I feel, in this instance, I must. A routine visit with my doctor had me sent to see some specialists - they all agreed that I needed treatment and needed that treatment to happen immediately and that the treatment would continue well into the time I was scheduled to be in the United Kingdom. They also said, and this part is hard for people to hear for some reason, that the treatment was very, very, likely to solve the problem, that I'd be able to travel again immediately after it was done, that the only days I'd miss from work were treatment days.

I was cleared to make the trip to the Maritimes because there was a couple weeks of 'pre-treatment' to be done that Joe could do. So, while I was there, working, travelling and lecturing I was undergoing the 'pre-treatment' regime. Didn't miss a lecture, didn't slow me down at all.

My response to the treatment has been rapid, near miraculous. The doctors and the nurses have all been quite astonished. I've had little groups of doctors come in to examine the progress and compare it to the 'pre treatment' photos that I allowed them to take. Anyways, I'm good. I continue to be good. I feel well. I continue to feel well.

I'll be doing a couple lectures this month in the Toronto area.

I'm making my first post treatment flight in May to do a series of lectures.

This is my way of saying: I'm fine.

So if you hear those rumours, you have it from me, they aren't true and have never been true. Particularly in terms of retirement. You don't retire from a movement! I am in my sixties and the words 'retirement' and 'future' have never been used in the same sentence.

I feel really uncomfortable publishing this.

I had no intention of writing about it.

Because I thought it would start rumours.

Now I'm writing it to end them.


Anonymous said...

It is so unfortunate that something as private as this, needs to become something so public. It is quite sad that when people don't have "all the information"- which is frankly "non of their business", in front of them they chose to "make assumptions" based on tidbits of information they may or may not have heard.

I am happy to hear you are doing well. Now, let's start a rumor about that cottage on PEI... we sure could use a new Senator. ;)

Heidi :)

krlr said...

Well I'm sorry you felt you had to share something you hadn't wanted to but I'm thrilled you're doing well and aren't leaving us! For your own sake, and Joe's, of course, but for my own selfish reasons too. Your stories & thoughts have been invaluable to me these last years. Thank you.

Tamara said...

Didn't hear any rumors, but good to know you're good!

Belly (Liz McLennan) said...

Well, here's to continued treatment success and to never retiring. We need you around here.

CT said...

Sorry you had to deal with that, Dave. It's your private business.

Susan said...

Well, I never heard any such rumour, thankfully. I'm glad to hear you're a medical miracle, (it must be that healthy vegetarian diet, which I am about to embark upon myself, having seen quite enough, thank you, of how we cruelly treat animals before we kill and eat them. I have never asked you "why" you're a vegetarian, but now I think I may be beginning to understand.) And thanks for not sharing "too much information". (not that you would - but it's my way of saying I like your balance, it's a good example for those of us who have that tendency to open our mouths, puke all our personal information - and way more than is necessary - on others and then regret it later. I used to think I was being "real" and "transparent". Now I realize it's just not very wise not to distinguish what should be private and what can be shared. Boundaries are good.) I hope to see you at one of those lectures - on May 1st...

Deb Steele-Kretschmer said...

Sorry to hear about your violated privacy but very happy to know you are well.

Anonymous said...


I worried about you, especially the day you did'nt write a post.

I congratulate you on your advacec resilience.

I never thought about rumour, but still worried. I am glad I can stop worrying now.

Good wishes for you and Joe

Anonymous said...

Thy name is my healing, O my God, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy. Nearness to Thee is my hope, and love for Thee is my companion. Thy mercy to me is my healing and my succor in both this world and the world to come. Thou, verily, art the All-Bountiful, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. Baha'u'llah

My prayers are with you and Joe!
Susan LG

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
So happy to hear. Keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear 'the rumors of [your] death have been greatly exaggerated.'

Life is what it is - and it is YOUR choice how much you wish to share. Being a very public blogger, you have allowed people to know you a bit - but we are not RL friends, and have no rights.

Some people should find better things to do with their time.


PS Hadn't heard the rumors - glad they aren't true. Would deal if they were. Wish you the best either way.

Anonymous said...

Didn't hear the rumors, but am delighted to hear that your medical issues are being resolved so thoroughly and quickly. Here's to wellness!


theknapper said...

Havent heard the rumour but glad to know all is well, or soon will be.Tke good care.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you needed to write this post- oh privacy!
Love your comment, you don't retire from a movement.!!!

wendy said...

Sometimes the only way to prevent misinformation from circulating is to go on record with the truth. It's a drag to have to share more than you want to but at least you know that you have set the record straight.

jayne wales said...

i think its maybe human nature. In an endeavour to respect your privacy maybe people have panicked and thought they were losing you. In a strange way maybe that is very affectionate and caring but annoying too! i think better than no one giving a monkeys maybe.
Take care so glad its going well. We would have been sold out! just to add to the pain all round sob sob.xx