Friday, March 14, 2014

Not Boring You ... My Strategy

I started writing about arriving at a hotel to be told that their accessible bathroom was placed into an inaccessible room. You see, it was explained, the bigger bathrooms are placed in the smaller rooms. So, you see, there's not really room for your wheelchair in the wheelchair accessible room.

But I'm not going to write about that.

There's a weariness even to outrage.

Been there before, written the letter of complaint before, I'm afraid of simply boring you.

Then I thought I'd write about how, when I questioned about the room the clerk asked Joe, who had been waiting quietly beside me as this was all happening, if he'd like to go and see the room to determine if it was accessible. I spoke up and said that I was the one in the wheelchair and I was the one she was in discussion with, I would look at the room.

But I'm not going to write about that.

There's an exhaustion that comes with explaining the same thing over and over again.

Been there before, fought that battle before, I'm afraid you'll tire of repetitive posts.

Then I thought I'd write about the frustration of booking a room and then having to find another hotel in the area, when you are bone tired from driving, difficult driving due to a massive storm the day before. The annoyance of loading things, including me, back into the vehicle and driving off to the new hotel.

But I'm not going to write about that.

There's a tiredness of tiredness.

Been there before, unloading about unloading twice is as repetitive as the story.

So, after all that I couldn't figure out what to write about.


No post today.


Andrea S. said...

Sorry this keeps happening to you. And when it does they still talk to the walking person about it instead of you. What kind of bonehead decision was it to put a wheelchair accessible bathroom in an inaccessible room?

Anonymous said...

the eloquence of not posting speaks so clearly.....i am sad that this happened, again.....

Louna said...

Sounds awful, though I agree that unfortunately it is nothing new. I hope you found an accessible hotel room quickly. And I hope that, despite the weariness, you will write the letter of complaint, and that at the very least they will stop booking in people who need accessible rooms.

gps said...

That raises a question, actually. How is it determined whether a room is "accessible"? Is there an independent procedure to making that designation? Or can a hotel put an "accessible" bathroom in a top floor room with no elevator and narrow doorways and market it as "accessible"?

I believe you have written about restaurants which have ramps at the front door, but then have 1-2 steps to access the main dining area....

CapriUni said...

the bigger bathrooms are placed in the smaller rooms. So, you see, there's not really room for your wheelchair in the wheelchair accessible room.

You know, that sounds like the same, bizarre, inverse, logic that shows up in my some of nightmares. It's the kind of thinking that's so absurd, it should never be real... but unfortunately is.

For the record, I prefer the nightmares where I'm battling dragon zombies from outer space. ...At least those dreams take some imagination, and give me a break from the stress of real life...

Anonymous said...

You can stop writing about bad things - and not bore people - when they stop happening.

Meanwhile, be sure to send them an email with a link to this post.

'Accessible' means something. They don't have an accessible bathroom - access to the bathroom is part of the definition. They have a larger bathroom with grab bars (or whatever) in a normal room.

If people like you who are good with words DON'T keep harping on things, they won't get fixed.

Keep up the good work - I'm just sorry it is so exhausting for you to have to keep fighting the same battle.


Anonymous said...

Last Sept we stayed in an "accessible room" where they decided to build a roll in shower by raising the whole bathroom floor four inches. And put a short ramp at the door. With no marking or grab bar, of slippery tile, so anyone walking but unsteady would have trouble with it. Not enough room to turn at the top of the ramp, so my manual wheelchair had trouble. No way a motorized chair would fit.

The otherwise beautiful shower had this TINY pull out seat, about 10 x 10 inches, which SLOPED. It wasn't installed correctly and wasn't level.

Obviously someone spent a lot of money to make it into an "accessible room" without actually making it accessible.

Deb said...

Well, I'm disappointed that there is no post from you today, but I understand that some days it's just too much, on top of everything else, to have to repeat the same thing over and over.

What's not to understand about "accessible"? We went to a restaurant advertised as accessible where the ladies was at the top of a 13 step flight of stairs. They couldn't understand why I complained. Why couldn't just get out of the chair and go up. "It's *just* 13 stairs." (!!!SCREAM!!!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Anastacia :
"I'm sick and tired of always being sick and tired "

Sorry that this happened again too you...


Jayne Wales said...

Every time I go and see someone I know how many times they have had to repeat themselves, so I don't take notes and I don't ask them to repeat themselves and I often don't know what's up with someone until we have to write to appeal etc. I just get to know people and share thoughts a bit and remember them. I remember things well, it's good but that's because I see the person in my conversation with them. That's how it should be apart from a few essential things to have.
Just be weary of repeating yourself and get a big rocket up the not so weary, you g blood out there to carry the message. You do that, you inspire, inspire