Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pride Day Coming

Rolling Around in My Head is the proud host of the Disability Blog Carnival for the month of June. Here's how it works: each month a blogger hosts the carnival by working with the organizers in choosing a topic and picking a day. I asked for June because it is 'Pride Month' for the LGBT community and there will be Pride marches all over the world. I thought that the theme of 'Pride' was a good one.

Here's what I'd like. Send me a link to the blog you've written about disability that is the one that you are the most proud of ... not the one that got the most comments or most reactions - the one where you felt you best expressed something about the disability experience. For me the blogs most commented on surprise me. I'll write something I think has something important to say. Like the other day I wrote the line, 'Even the smallest baby with Down Syndrome is born with a backbone.' I thought this line powerfully said something important. It went entirely without notice.

Most writers will tell you that, 'that's how it is' when it comes to writing. People like what they like and read what they read, independently of what you like. So, this is the time to pull out that blog that you truly loved. The one you go back and read every now and again.

Send me the link and I'll put it up on Carnival day. I'd like all entries in by the 15th of June and Pride day will be the last Sunday of June.

Send the notice of this Carnival to other disability bloggers and get them to participate.

I'd love to have a day full of pride here at Rolling Around!


Kate said...

Hi Joe, Where do we send the blog entries? I am not sure so I will try both here and the email you list. Thye entry I would like to submit is called "Choose Your Life," and it is about a time in my life when I was struggling to come to terms with a disability that was robbing me of most of my life choices. Many people thought they knew what was good for me, but their answers wouldn't have worked for me. I resisted the pressure of others and did what I knew I needed to do live a full and meaningful life even despite my disability. Even though it was the more difficult path, it was by far the most valuable. This particular time I am remembering is my most proud moment.

I relate this to the book When Nietzche Wept in the beginning, so I hope that is okay.

It's at http://aspiefrommaine.blogspot.com/2010/05/chose-your-life.html


Dave Hingsburger said...

Hi Kate,

this is exactly where to send your entries. I'm thrilled to get one so early on. Keep them coming folks!


Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg said...

Hi Dave,

Here's the post I've written that I like the best:


It's my favorite contribution to de-pathologizing autism.

By the way, I loved that line about even the smallest baby with Down Syndrome being born with a backbone. Very powerful. I've found that I often don't respond to the most powerful things because they stand so well on their own that saying anything more feels redundant. Someone once told me that sometimes he doesn't get a lot of responses to his best pieces because he's said it all and there's nothing more to say!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,
I am a lurker to your blog; when I do write you, I do it anonymously, ( not to be confused with the mean nasty anonymouses out there). I LOVED that line. It snapped me up in my seat and out of my heat induced stupor and compacency( humidity 100% and 90 degree mollases day). I agree with Rachel, that line stands alone.
Thank you Dave.........

Anonymous said...


I would sign in as myself if I could remember my blogger sign in and password (I don't blog very often). Oh, fear not, your post didn't go unnoticed the other day. I sent it on to one of the strongest advocates for people I know with a note that said "Dave is great today!". I often send your posts to her. I just don't often comment....I don't think that what you write ever goes unnoticed!

And about yesterday's posts... when you think about it why aren't ALL hotel rooms automatically accessible? Especially in new hotels. I wonder that sometimes....


Tamara said...

I just have to say that the line "Even the smallest baby with Down syndrome is born with a backbone" did not go without notice. It may have gone without comment, but not without notice.

It was powerful. Fortunately, my child with Down syndrome (13) lets the world know he has a backbone - most of the time. You put your finger right on what was bugging me about that show - I just can't imagine him standing there and taking that carp - with almost a smile on his face. I like to think he'd tell them to shut up - maybe with an expletive or two thrown in ...

FridaWrites said...

No, it didn't go without notice, though it went without comment! It was a really good sentence.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Hey Folks, thanks for your feedback about the line, however, I didn't write the post to complain about no comments on it, I was just using it as an example. Even so, thanks for your positive comments. Now, send me some links to what you've written.

rickismom said...



Tamara said...

I really need to work on my writing, but I think these two are my favorites ... maybe ...



FridaWrites said...

Here's one of my favorites since it addresses the "blame movement" in alternative medicine:

eunice gordon said...

Hi Dave, we met in Dublin at the WDSC last year; I'm a fellow Canadian living in Italy, though it's unlikely you will remember that. I write a bilingual blog; the blog below is called "Che Festa nella Foresta ed Amazing Grace" scroll down for the text in blue in English.


I'm not a great writer, but I started this blogspot because I think Italians really need to see that life with a child with Down syndrome is wonderful, surprisingly rewarding and often downright funny, and there is nothing to be afraid of.


Moose said...

Hrm. Most of my previous posts (to be pedantic :-P, to me a "blog" is a site where people write "posts" with info) about being disabled are locked due to other issues I can't make public for, erm, reasons.

Of the public ones, I'd say that http://mizmoose.livejournal.com/200150.html is the one I like best, followed by http://mizmoose.livejournal.com/213732.html. And I don't know if you can/want to/should use either because they both refer to, and link to, other blog's posts.

[Today's captcha word is: predishe. Obviously, the state you are in before you are dishe. Whatever that is.]

Stephanie said...

Most of the posts on our blog about about my sons medical appointments & our homeschool aventures. Every once in awhile I get my act together to blog about something more. Here is the link to one of the posts that I am most proud of...


By the way, your comment did not go un-noticed. In fact, it got a booya from us! :)


Steph and Christopher

AKW said...

Hi just found your site. Here is my favorite post so far http://wnwtwf.blogspot.com/2009/03/they-grow-up-so-fast.html

Tara said...


Here's mine. It's my favorite because I return to it often to encourage myself. :)

Your backbone comment made my week! Sorry I wasn't clear about that in my comment. :)

eiramyllek73 said...

Hi Dave,

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for; I mainly want to send this to you just to be heard. If you think it works, feel free to post it. :)


Jannalou said...

Hi Dave, I have a few posts of which I am particularly proud. I've just migrated my blog from Blogger to my personal web site (I set up WordPress Mu there and am slowly moving all of my blogs), so here are the posts' new URLs:

http://jannalouise.thehoskincentre.com/blogs/asd/2009/06/17/ableism-is-bigotry-and-discrimination-at-its-worst/ - a post about the discrimination that individuals with disabilities face every day - from people who really ought to know better.

http://jannalouise.thehoskincentre.com/blogs/asd/2007/10/16/what-you-can-do-to-really-help-your-autistic-child/ - a post about a booklet I wrote (since updated to a prettier design and available for free download from my web site - linked from my blog).

http://jannalouise.thehoskincentre.com/blogs/asd/2006/02/07/ritalin-doesnt-cause-violence/ - a post about the side effects of medication and how different people react to both medication and anxiety (and the misinterpretation by some professionals).

http://jannalouise.thehoskincentre.com/blogs/asd/2006/02/05/do-or-do-not-there-is-no-try/ - probably my best essay ever, about executive dysfunction and how it affects those of us with ADHD and autism (and some other invisible disabilities).

You can link to all or some or none, as you see fit. :)

Lene Andersen said...

What an awesome idea!

I'd like to submit a recent post on... well, identity, sort of. Of what it's like to not know anyone who looks like you and about feeling like an outsider because of it.


Anonymous said...

This is my post for the blog carnival, about how assistive technology can instill pride.


Amanda said...


That's my favorite one out of the ones I can remember. Because it describes the essence of what I do and why I do it.

steph said...