Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dave's Day

OK, I don't know what was going on when this picture was taken, but clearly I wasn't happy. We've looked at it any number of times and laughed. I have a dear friend who can freeze a room with an arched eyebrow - well, I challenge her with my 'withering look'. It seemed to be the perfect picture for today's blog.

I was out sick for several days, yesterday I didn't even manage to write a blog. A rare thing here on Rolling Around in My Head but I wasn't well and I hadn't been out, I couldn't think of a thing to say and didn't have the energy to say it if I had. As you can tell from my reasoning, I'm still a bit foggy.

But today, I went out for the first time in days. Even though I enjoyed feeling the wind on my skin, I was still sitting just to the left of miserable. So things just annoyed me. Here's the top three things that ticked me off today.

1) A compliment. I love a compliment, 'good job' 'enjoy your blog' 'liked your lecture', all those are gratefully received. But I don't like getting complimented for being a competent cripple. In a voice reserved for praising a dog for taking a poo outside, 'You drive that chair well.' Grrrrr. If you want to strike up a conversation with me - use the weather. I will never, ever, ever, compliment you for walking upright, so don't compliment me for rolling well. Today, I got on the elevator and these two guys, I think father and son, said, 'You are sure good at getting around.' I smiled, looked at Joe who had his patented 'down boy, down boy,' look on his face so I just simply said, 'Lovely day.'

2) A comment. We were at Whole Foods Market and as Joe was in the line up I went outside. The Market is in a very upscale part of town. We always feel that we need to spruce up just to go there. I went over to a lovely waterfall just outside the door just as a Mother and Son were walking in front of it. I only heard a snippet of conversation, Boy: I feel sorry for poor people. Mom: You shouldn't feel sorry for them, they just need to work harder. OK, there is terrific, terrific parenting. I scooted out of there before she started in on the uselessness of disabled people. Who breeds these people?

3) A curb. Well, calling it a curb is an act of kindness or self delusion. It's construction season and therefore many of the roads around here are ripped up. We'd come along to a curb at a busy corner. They'd constructed a ramp out of what looked like cardboard and it had a sharp right angle turn at the bottom, not making that turn would land you right into the fence and possibly out in traffic. I get that they need to do construction, can they get that I need to get around safely.

So there.

It's a Dave's annoyed day. But, not to worry, I think tomorrow is going to be brighter. I've got a decent pick up time for work tomorrow and we've already got a great lunch planned.

See you somewhere that the sun shines.


Kristin said...

Those are all things that are worthy of being annoyed at.

Susan said...

I hope today more than makes up for your crapy day yesterday!

Colleen said...

Dear Dave:

I am sorry to hear that you had a crappy day yesterday. It took my breath away to read about that mother - where indeed do they breed these people???

I have a pressing question - is Home Safe available for sale and if so where can I get it? I checked Diversity Press but its not there. One of my colleagues is writing curriculum on abuse and I think it would be important to review this book - but it is kind of a now kind of thing.

I really hope you have a better day today. You have had a pretty rough go lately with the passing of Phyllis and then getting sick. So I really hope that you have some moments of peace and beauty today, Dave.


Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg said...

I love your mention of Joe's "Down boy, down boy" look. I'm sure my husband has a version of "Down girl, down girl," but once I'm seeing red, it's hard to tell. I'll have to be more observant.

And that woman!!! Poor people just have to work harder??? I'll betcha that if she knows any autistic people, she probably says the same thing about them: "Don't feel empathy for them, dear. They just don't work hard enough at being normal. It's all a question of willpower."

If it's any consolation, you're post made me howl out loud--kind of a half laugh, half yell. Thanks! And I'm glad you're feeling well enough to roll around outdoors.

Belinda said...

Joan of Arch here! I liked the photo. :)

I hope you have a wonderful Friday--and hey, there is a long weekend to enjoy.

Iany said...

That is a fantastic photo, I don't think you look annoyed so much as distinguished. Sorry about the crappy day. I almost pitched my mum into a street once because the curb was so bumpy.

I still feel very, very bad about it.