Saturday, May 29, 2010

Now You See Him...

Joe wanted to get a haircut and we noticed on the way into Walmart in Fredericton in New Bruswick that there was a hair cutting place just inside the door. I don't have much hair and wasn't in need of a trim so I suggested that Joe let me off over by the clothing section as I wanted to see about getting Joe a new pair of shorts. He left and I managed for find him a pair of shorts and a shirt, Mike a new shirt, Marissa a couple of blouses. I was a shopping machine. I didn't have a bag so I draped them over me and then decided to head over to the card section of the store to look for a Father's Day card.

It was a very long push and twice I dropped shirts and had to seek help from the Walmartians who wandered by. I got myself there by strength of shoulders and strength of will. I wandered around there and found a funny card for my dad and I tucked it in with the pile on me. I must have looked like a laundry hamper pushing itself through the store.

By now I was wondering what had happened to Joe. I hadn't heard any sirens so I knew that he hadn't had his jugular sliced. I thought I'd push back towards the cash registers so that he could easily find me. Finally he appeared coming down and aisle to my right. He said he'd been looking for fifteen minutes. He didn't think that I'd head that far away.

Apparently he asked three or four of the staff there if they'd seen a big guy in a wheelchair, they all said that they'd seen no one of my description. How could that be, it wasn't a huge store! I guess I'm just not as visible as I think I am.

Or he should have asked, 'Have you seen a stack of merchandise wheeling around the store.' I think that might have gotten a more positive response.

Good old invisible me. It always surprises me.


Belinda said...

Ha ha! I laughed at "Walmartians!" And at the image of a pile of clothing self propelling through Wal Mart. Now you know how to go incognito.

mcneils5 said...

HI Guys..I hope you have a wonderful trip home. I just wanted to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days of workshops with you. I left the Delta today almost sad, wishing I had the opportunity for more. I had helped with the registration yesterday and was amazed by the fact that you seem to have quite a following of “groupies”. Since I have not had the opportunity to hear you speak before I found that quite odd, but “cute”.

Today when I arrived home, one of my best friends was here waiting for me to have coffee with her (like I needed more after the 27 cups I had this morning). She is a support care worker for a young lady with Down’s Syndrome. I was excited to fill her in on all I learned and wanted to share the books with her I had purchased. After almost 2 hours of me babbling on about how much I enjoyed these workshops , what I had learned, repeating your stories and on and on and on .. blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda…She said to me..”Carol…for the LOVE of GOD..stop talking! my head is going to explode!” After first thinking ..well that was a just a tad rude.. I realized…oh God! I’m a Dave Hingsburger groupie!

On that note…I can’t wait for you to come back and do more workshops for us here in Fredericton.

Carol MacNeil
NBACL staffer

Kristin said...

OMG, I love the term Walmartians! That is immediately being added to my repertoire.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave and Joe:

Left a message for both of you on your voicemail, but never heard back.

I know that you met my dear friend Olga, and that she thought you would be interested in touching base again after all these years. I thought, 'Yes!'

Anyway, I'm in Oshawa, have my own little home with two puppy dogs (and two boarders...the income).

Hope we can communicate...

Cindy. (the world's shortest transexual...according to David).

Dave Hingsburger said...

Cindy: Could you please send us an email, that would be great. Thanks.