Friday, August 28, 2009

Ah, Well ...

I have sat here for half an hour now, completely uninspired and completely at a loss for a blog to write today. I mean I did stuff today. I went to work. I had meetings. I made plans. I helped design a curriculum for teaching boundaries. I had conversations. I rode in buses and cars.

And in all that, there is nothing much to say. Or if there is something to say it would take way more than a blog.

I feel like I've come in the door this morning and you, the reader, are saying, 'How was your day?'

Confused with how to answer I grunt a teenaged grunt and run up the stairs.

Except, I'm in a wheelchair and can't run up the stairs.

So I try to slink by you ... hoping you won't notice that this is a blog about not having a blog to write ... hoping to lull you into thinking that it was worth dropping in today ...

Cause later today I'm doing a boundaries group for teens with disabilities. Saturday I'm doing a boundaries group for parents of teens with disabilities. So I've got lots of stories comin up.

But not right now.



Brad said...

I know how you feel. I simply do not know how you write so many blog posts. It took me nearly a week before I added one to mine, and then it was kind of a rambling mess.

My hat is off to you for as many posts as you do. I simply could not even come close.

eileen said...

It's a comfort, Dave, that you too run out of stories. You join the ranks of the normal folk who struggle to gather their thoughts sufficiently to write a coherent sentence, never mind a blog

Can't wait till tomorrow though

Kristin said...

I second what Eileen said. I do have to say that your post about nothing was entertaining though.

Anonymous said...

I love the comparisons Dave. Goodluck with the workshops on boundaries. I wish I could attend. Some day I'll find a way too!

Susan said...

Wow, Dave. Even when you have nothing to say you have something to say. And I enjoyed reading about it!