Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Seven Things I Like About A Summer Vacation

1) Naps. Long, leisurely naps. Naps not requiring explanation. Naps not requiring excuses. Napping for the sake of napping.

2) Sitting. Just sitting. Looking at the lake without having to see the lake. Sitting with a book in hand without having to read the book in hand. Just sitting.

3) Chatting. Meaningless chit chat about nothing in particular. Everyone has stuff that needs to be talked about, but talking about things that don't need to be talked about - that's the stuff of love.

4) Eating. We brought chips and dip, cheese and crackers, popcorn and candy. We didn't eat one of them. We ate simply. We ate well. But we didn't need the food that we didn't need. Odd.

5) Playing. When you've got a nearly three year old girl around. You play. It goes with the territory. Yesterday I showed Ruby how to blow her fingers back up after they've been cut off by a light saber. She thought I was magical. Harry, you ain't the only wizard around!

6) Rolling. The entire boardwalk here at the Wharf has felt the imprint of my wheelchair. We were all worried that it would be impassible and I'd have to use the pavement, but the boards were surprisingly easy to get over. We all took turn in getting me where I needed to go - even where I wanted to go.

7) Writing. I surprised myself by giving myself permission to only write when I wanted to, I'd told everyone I was on vacation, people would understand if I let a day or two go. But I discovered I actually wanted to spend time on the computer writing blogs, telling stories and generally keeping the words flowing. I looked like this, more than I thought I would.

But now it's time to pack up and head home. We're all a little worried about saying 'Goodbye' because Ruby, who is good at many things, isn't very good at 'Goodbyes' ... they seem to hurt her is some very deep way. She has yet to learn that there will be a next time - for her days feel long and time passes slowly. For us, time passes instantaneously. We've been here, physically for 5 days, but it seems we are going home about 15 mintues after arriving.

So it's time for ...

Packing up and heading home. Joe and I are taking the rest of the week off. We have friends to have tea with. We have movies to see. And we have to keep our membership in the National Association for Petite Snoozes (NAPS) current.


wendy said...

It sounds like a wonderful vacation but definitely one that would require several naps to "recover" from. Ruby is unbelievably cute!

FAB said...

My daughter won't say goodbye to people because it is so distressing to her, even whne she knows she'll see them the next day...and who wants to say goodbye to a small slice of peace with the people we love? Those moments and people are always there.

Kristin said...

My oldest was like that about goodbyes when he was Ruby's age. Ruby seems to be very sensitive and aware of the world around her and good byes seem to be harder on those kids.

Kristin said...

I gave you an award.

FridaWrites said...

Ruby's beautiful! And a beautiful person.

You're right about time flying.

Lee said...

Awww. Ruby is so sweet and cute.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Kristin, thank you so much for the award, unfortunately the requirements are beyond by technical capabilities!! I do appreciate the award, like you, because it's for writing. Thanks again.