Sunday, August 09, 2009

There's Money In Balls

I finally shut the thing off in exasperation. I didn't hurl the remote because, as I've learned, it just means that it has to be picked up again (yes, this is what passes for wisdom here at RAIMH). But I did shake my head with displeasure and even, as a mark of real annoyance, purse my lips. The dead eye of the television looked back at me in kind of a dull surprise.

Apparently some soccer player was in Toronto with his team. Don't ask me who. Don't ask me where from. Don't ask me anything about it, I don't know. Anyways, apparently he is highest paid soccer player in the history of the game. They mentioned some ludicrous amount of money that flows into his account every day.

All that is fine, wearisome for those like me who don't get it, but fine. What bothered me was the constant reference to him as 'A God Amoungst Men'. The deification of celebreties or sports players rankles in my craw. And just what makes this man Godly, you might ask. His donation of huge amounts of his salary to causes near to his heart? No. His willingness to volunteer time to give to youth? No. His thoughtful care of his family? No.

What makes him a God?

According to the women interviewed: he's hot.

According to the men interviewed: he's rich.

Yeah, that's what I want in my God. I have need of a cute guy who can kick balls with incredible accuracy when I'm in the depths of despair. Yeah, I really want a God, who looks good in ripped jeans when I'm struggling to make it through my day.

How shallow have we become?

Today we went to a market where the wealthy shop. We'd heard about it and wanted to pick up a really good Balsamic Vinegar for a recipe we were making, so we went. Both Joe and I got scowled at - he for his clothing and me for, well, me. We just weren't up to snuff. Everyone else seemed closer to God status. Bulging wallets and flat stomachs. There seemed to be real annoyance at the wheelchair and our constant giggling - sometimes mass rejection is really kind of funny.

Ah, but back to the young man. It's fine he has a taut body, but has he been taught kindness? They never answered that - apparently it's not required in a God anymore.

Heaven, truly, help us.


Kristin said...

You and Joe sound like a great couple to hang out with. Its so much fun to get a personal/private laugh at the expense of the snooty asshats.

I much prefer to hear about Brad Pitt's charity work than how hot he and Ms. Jolie look together.

liz said...

What Kristin said.