Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wall Flower

Well, I have decided what the very, very best adapted device in the world is ... yep, after trying a reacher and a power chair, grab bars and tall toilets, I give the award to the basket that they put on scooters so that when you smash into a wall, the back of an elevator or a post, it simply collapses. Man, I can't believe I don't have whiplash. This soooter is fast but it also is a little tricky to operate. I think I might have scared the shit out of our neighbour across the hall when I tried to back into my room last night and instead careened at breakneck speed into their door. There I was making nice with their door and my little basket folded neatly up and out of the way.

I'm guessing that, since there is a collapseable basket, running into walls is a fairly common experience for scooter users. Wild.

Last night, after arriving at our hotel and going for a swim, we all went to dinner. Joe and I got there early and I was trying to back my scooter up against the wall to be out of the way. I noticed that everyone in there noticed my scooter. But as I was having difficulty with getting it parked just right, I then noticed that everyone was faux driving with me. You know how when you are the passenger you sometimes hit the break? Well people were leaning forward with me, leaning to the side and having that 'oh no you're going to hit the ... oh you did hit the wall' look on their face.

But I got it parked ... I must say, a huge group effort!


Belinda said...

Well, I for one, am with you in Florida, but on the beach; secretly, that is. I'm really supposed to be going to a meeting this morning. I'll make sure my bath towel doesn't show!

FridaWrites said...

LOL, yes we hit the walls a lot at first--rarely now, but a lot at first. The extra length and greater turning radius doesn't help does it? Turn the speed down (separate control) when entering smaller spaces and be careful on elevators not to hit the back wall (oww!, have done it).

The other thing is to park it more carefully, don't push the accelerate button down all the way. Barely push it until you hear a click--then you can inch forward very slowly.

One gets used to it--now I can back out of spaces with a quarter inch of room on one side without hitting anything.

And this is why people shouldn't step right in front of scooters and wheelchairs--we never know if the driver (like me) is new to it, esp. at large venues. Besides, making us stop fast is painful.

Hope you're having fun!

Trenna said...

I remember the early days of using a scooter too. The basket to wall ratio was not the greatest. They are a great triumph for mobility though.

Hope the Florida trip is everything you need.

CJ said...

You'll get the hang of it!

I'm glad someone is on vacation. I'm going to the dentist this morning.

Shan said...

Ha ha! That mental image is just hilarious, all the people driving your scooter with you.

wendy said...

I love the idea of all those people faux driving...willing you into your parking space without injury to person or property.

jueb said...

cool at least they were there willing you to get your scooter parked, it's amazing what you can acheive with team work ha ha