Thursday, April 09, 2009

Joe The Bunny

I had a couple of intense meetings at work. After all these years I still feel the pressure that comes with fiddling in other people's lives. So we all met, well intentioned and well prepared. Much was done. After checking voicemails and emails back in my office I managed to take a glance outside. The weather was slowly clearing up and the field across from me was beginning to turn green. At least the part not covered in trash.

There was a sense in the office that a long weekend was coming and people were making it through the week with an eye to the weekend. I suddenly had an Easter memory. Joe and I were just pups living in Toronto down on Alexander Street. We were joining two friends for Easter brunch and I had the sparkling idea of renting a Easter Bunny suit for Joe to wear to the brunch. I thought it would be cute and fun.

Joe thought it was a stupid idea.

We rented the suit and he put it on in the apartment and was saying the whole time that he wasn't going to wear it, he thought it was silly, and that the Bunny looked like he was wired on way too much Red Bull. As I had yet to learn that 'no means no' I got him in the suit and out onto Church Street. By then it was on it's way to becoming the Gay Neighbourhood so a tubby guy walking down the street with a big white bunny wasn't the oddest thing to be seen.

All the way up the street Joe muttered under his breath. He cursed. He swore. I told him that he had nothing to worry about, no one could see his face, I was the one seen walking with the bunny, he was just anonymously bunny. This did not comfort him and he, rightly, pointed out that anyone who knew us would see me and know that it was his ass in the bunny suit.

I actually thought he'd get into it but no, I walked up Church Street on Easter Sunday with a Bunny that fricked and fracked and muttered death threats. It struck me funny then. It struck me funny now.

When Joe showed up to pick me up after work and we were driving home I reminded him of the Bunny Suit and he remembered only the second half of the day where everyone got off on the Bunny Suit and others wanted to try it on. We ended up with one of our friends hopping down the street with us to a coffee shop on the way home. Yeah, I remember all that too ... but it was the cursing bunny I found funny.

As we approach Easter I realize I have much to be thankful for, primarily amongst which is the millions of memories to that can bring relief to tough days at work.

Now where is that frigging fragging carrot anyways.


Kris Stableford said...

Reminds me of the episode of one of the crime programs (CSI?) from a few years ago concerning people who dress up in animal costumes and participate in sexual activity. Although I would assume those folks done the plush suits voluntarily? Poor Joe!

Kris again said...

(That would be DON the plush suits...)

luvmypeanut said...

everyone wants to know I why I suddenly burst out laughing in cubeville...

dont' think I can explain myself...

LOL! Happy Easter!

Princeton Posse said...

That's a visual for ya! Made my day!

Shan said...


And it was obviously so traumatising for dear Uncle Joe that he has blocked it out. Poor fellow.

CJ from California said... are still together?

Amazing. ;<)

Erin said...

Poor Joe! Kinda like the traumatic easter I had few years back when some dear relatives put a melted easter bunny on a cake with a knife in its body and served it for dessert! Happy Easter!

Dave Hingsburger said...


Too funny, I remember that cake so well. Remember your Grad cake? I'm so glad you left a comment ... for a second it was like you were right back here with us! (Erin do this, Erin do that)