Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Counting Sleeps

Only 5 more sleeps. Then we go on vacation. Joe and I don't vacation. We grab a weekend here and there, but we don't travel for fun, stay in hotels for liesure. But we've decided it's time to have some time off. We are heading down to the Mouse House in Florida with Mike, Marissa and baby Ruby. She's moving on towards three and is at the age where wonder is still completely possible.

We are staying at a huge hotel complete with eight swimming pools, a dozen restaurants and a thousand other amenities. On my way home from our lecture trip to New Jersey and Connecticiut I thought about that huge hotel, that huge park. I thought about my travel wheelchair and my power chair at home. Quickly so I didn't have time to second guess myself, I grabbed the phone and dialled. Given the number, I dialed again.

I asked for the hotel Concierge. I've rarely used Concierge services beyond directions to a location. I explained to a pleasant sounding woman that I'm coming down for a week long stay, I'm a wheelchair user, I'd like to have a power chair or electric scooter waiting for me, was that possible. Turns out she's arranged this before, they have a company that the hotel deals with, she'll be back to me. She called back and asked questions, after apologies for their personal nature, about height and weight.

When we pull in to the hotel, I'm going to have an 'executive scooter' waiting for me. An 'executive scooter' is one that can carry a higher weight capacity. I did it all so completely coldly. I don't like discussing my body specifics with strangers, but I simply didn't care. I want to roll around where I want to roll around. I don't want to feel at all like by being pushed, I'm a drag.

I know that the 'ability to have a disability' includes a new skill set. I know that to live well with a disability there are things you need to give up in order to fully get what you need. Some of them are simple adaptions, some are a little more profound.

But whatever, I've got me an 'executive' seat from which to view my vacation. How cool is that?


wendy said...

Excellent! Not only will you roll independently but you'll add one more ride to the options available to Ruby! :-) Have a great trip!!

Tricia said...

Great idea! I will have to make a similar call for my husband next time we go on vacation so he can have some mobility. Last time I pushed him and it really does tire me out fast.

CJ said...

Wonderful! I hope you and Joe have a really great time!

Anonymous said...

I did Disney 2 years ago with a scooter. The transportation system on the property is quite scooter friendly as long as your scooter isn't too long to fit on the lift. The people were all very helpful and you get pretty good views at all the shows. Have fun!

Shan said...

Disney World, huh? Way to profit the megacorporation!

I want to see a photo of you and Joe wearing ears.

Susan said...

Hey Shan, remember the Easter bunny outfit? How 'bout we get a picture of just Dave with the mouse ears? :)

lisa said...

Hi Dave,
I am going to be going there myself to go to an Angelman Syndrome Conference. From my understanding they are very disability friendly which is important for us since many of my friends and students that will be there ride in wheelchairs too.
Personally I am not a great fan of amusement parks but I am a great fan of these kids and adults with Angelman syndrome.


Anonymous said...

One caveat on the World of Mouse and a not quite three year old: Ruby may be scared out of her mind instead of thrilled by the many things that come at her there. If she's not a hardcore TV watcher, some of the characters will be new, and possibly frightening, for her. The first time we took my son there, the bigger-than-life figures scared him silly because, not being a TV watcher, he didn't "know" them.

Other than that, pack and USE lots of sunscreen and have a great time!

Kate said...

Sounds great! Hope you have fun! I'll miss your posts.

gayquinn said...

Re: The world of the mouse:
My parents took me to Disneyland in 1968. The giant mickey mouse with the huge hand scared me so badly that i hid in the ladies room until someone took me to the "Lost Parents Station". I'm a huge fan of Mr. Hingsburger but never found a reason to blog anything until i discovered this site. Dave taught me well with his lectures, books, and tapes. I use many of his materials when i train new direct care staff to work with adults who have developmental disabilities. Take care Dave and have a fab time at dworld. You'll definitely get to butt in line at the rides with a wchair.

Cynthia F. said...

Good for you! Ruby will be so happy too, so the temporary discomfort will be worth it I hope.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

"USE lots of sunscreen"

Oh yes. The sun is FIERCE here in Central Florida. My husband grew up in Tennessee, he's 53 years old, and he had the first major sunburn of his entire life one year ago after we moved here.

But the weather is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh you guys are in for some fun!! Disney is known for their customer service, and even have what they call the "Disney Institute" which hosts courses on the Disney style of customer service and other area of business management. I'm in HR and a huge fan of the Disney Philosophy, (and their fun) I look forward to hearing your experiences! Just look for the cute guys in plaid if you need anything.

Please do be sure to take in the Fantasmic! show. My jaw was on the floor for the entire performance!!


Whatshername? said...

Hope you and Joe's vacation is fabulous. :D