Monday, January 12, 2009

A Sexual Come On ...

Master Bates & Helen the Cunning Linguist:
An Invitation To Participate

It's time to talk about sex! On the 14th of February, we the bloggers of the disability blogosphere, are called upon to write about sex - the slap and tickle, the need to bump uglies, the rabbit down the hole. It's time we came out of the closet as sexual beings. It's time for parents to talk about their hopes and fears regarding their children's sexuality. It's time for us as disabled adults to admit that we can be horn dogs, that we want our pussies pampered, that we sometimes enjoy the bumps our chairs go over.

It's ok to be crude and crass. It's ok to say big bad dirty words. It's ok to write an essay on love or an ode to onanism. Whatever strikes your fancy or flicks your bick.

You may sign on here and on the big day a list will be published for all to go visiting on the big day - it's a Saturday so you won't have to worry about your work place censor disallowing you access.

Sign on, sign up, join in. Please notify other bloggers about this day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
Count me in, I will write about it.

FridaWrites said...

Only one response? I'll try to think something up.

RICHARD said...

Hi Dave
Count me in.
Great I idea and thanks for the blog.

lainer said...

Dave, I'm in. I'm trying to get all the trainers who went through Pat's course to sign on. I can't wait.

Sharon said...

This is a great idea Dave and I look forward to reading the posts. I'll try to write something relevant too.

I love your blog. You're one of the good guys.

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