Monday, January 05, 2009

Get Your Ick Bucket Out

Wow, this is what it's like to get up to an alarm clock. It's pretty ugly. Over the holidays I learned to do something radical - sleep in. On Sunday I didn't go to church with Joe because I slept until well after 8 o'clock. For those that know me well, this is unheard of, unthinkable. I'm the guy who's up at 4, writing by half past and done half his day's work by the time others crawl out of bed.

But I took the holidays seriously and after the rush of things to do had passed, I discovered agendaless days. Days which ran exactly as they were told to, wow. I truly got into it. Several ideas and several things I found for work projects were simply emailed the 'work Dave' as his email address and the 'vacation Dave' motored on.

But by last Wednesday, I was getting ansy. Um, I want to do something - more significant. Joe shook his head and sat me down like an errant child and told me once again the story of 'holiday' and of all the joy that 'holiday' brings. Apparently shutting up about looking forward to going back to work is not an appropriate holiday feeling.

But I rise today, lucky, I like doing what I do. I like working with the people I do. I have some grand ideas for the new year, I have old ideas that need completion. Man, I't great to have purpose at work.

I'm a lucky guy, I get to do things during the day that matter to others. And then, occassionally, I get to take a break and then do things that matter to me. Not a bad life.

Welcome 2009! We've got some things to do together, let's get started.


Glee said...

Hear hear Dave!


lisa said...

Luckily for me, I'm in the same situation. Love my job, love my students. Just wish I could meander into school when I was ready though, I really hate that alarm clock!