Saturday, April 12, 2014

Inclusion: Small And All

Last night we all packed into the kitchen. Ruby and Sadie, their dad, and Joe and I. We were all set tasks that would result in individualized pita pizzas. The girls wanted to be involved in all aspects of production. From putting on the pizza sauce, cutting the vegetables, shredding the cheese and assembling the entire thing.

Even with such a small kitchen, there was room for all of us, room for eveyone to make a contribution. The girls loved being involved in the whole process, and, of course, so did all of us. It's wonderful to everyone acknowledge everyone's desire to participate, everyone's opportunity to try things that interested them, everyone to feel valued and to feel like they were wanted, welcome and that their contribution had worth.



A Contribution with Worth.

It's not much to ask for. Children who had been previously running and playing and laughing, now were highly focused on the task of making dinner.

It would have easier to have just made them ourselves.

But it would be wrong.

Because exclusion is, isn't it.

If we can make inclusion happen over just a pizza, surely it can be done on a larger scale over justice and peace.


Eileen said...

Inclusion is so simple, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

here, here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but Dave it is not all about just the techniality of inclusion but also about the Feeling of being loved an welcomed...


Princeton Posse said...

My nanna was right when she said "many hands make light work". Looks like you had fun! It's always better when you make it yourself.

Anonymous said...

I love the views of Ruby and Sadie working with you. And yes, inclusion is always the right thing.