Friday, April 04, 2014

Fibre ... OMG

I can't believe what I just said.

Simply can't believe it.

Joe just now, I mean right now, showed me a bag of baby carrots. We were talking about the 'split pea and cauliflower' soup that we're making this evening for dinner. Joe was reviewing what we had and what we needed to pick up. The recipe called for two medium carrots. Joe, finding a half bag of baby carrots, brought them to me and asked, do you think that these would be enough?

I looked at them and said, "Yes, but I'd rather keep them as snacks ..."


Carrots aren't snacks!

Carrots are carrots and unless they are turned into carrot cake or carrot muffins or carrot pudding, they aren't snacks.

I took my temperature.

I checked my pulse.

Everything fine.

I went over my morning pills. I haven't overdosed.

That's not the WORST OF IT!!

I then said, "... and the fibre will help keep us from getting bunged up."




Then Joe, lovely Joe, said, "Yeah, since we increased the amount of fibre that we've been eating I've been much more regular."

We've turned the corner.

We're talking about fibre.

We're talking about poop.

And we're eating carrots for snack!

WHAT'S HAPPENING TO US!!!!!!!!!???????????


Celine said...


Kris S. said...

Jesus wept.

jwg said...

Welcome to the reality of the golden years.

Anonymous said...

Just had a conversation with my partner that was probably more effort than it was worth. I thought we were talking about a video of Sydney the clown but it was about Sydney the town in Australia. It's impressive that you two are on the same topics.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Horrible to say, but I think you just grew up.

My condolences.

The only thing I'm looking forward to about the very end of life is being 'allowed' to eat anything I want, for at least a little while.

I'm haunted by the death last year of a friend I said that to in the hospital. His answer when I suggested a milkshake? That they wouldn't let him have it because of his diabetes. He died less than a week later.

I hope to be is hospice where their only concern is my happiness (sort of).

And then I hope in Heaven (assuming I get there) anything you need to be happy is available, including Twinkies. In quantity.

Enjoy your carrots. With a little dip they are very good - AND good for you.


Shan said...

Kris S - LOL.

Jayne Wales said...

Oh no you'll be talking about comfy slippers next.

Colleen said...

As my mother used to say: Getting old is not for sissies! (Actually I think Betty Davis first said it but my mother liked to think of it as her own words of wisdom.)

Anonymous said...

You're funny!

wheeliecrone said...

Oh, dear. You and Joe have become adults.
Not glamorous, but healthy!

Belinda said...

YOU need apple pie! :)It has fibre too! :)

Anonymous said...


Yes, indeed! ;^)

Ettina said...

In my home, carrots have been snacks since I was a toddler.