Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cookie Stat!

I was stumped at what to do next.

I have this big job, I have that tough task.

I couldn't choose.

So I sat here stumped.

Then I knew what to do.

I poured a cup of tea.

I got a cookie.

A low sugar, high fiber, I'm in my 60s, cookie.

But it was still a cookie.

And I dipped that cookie into my tea.

I held it there until it softened.

It took a while.

Then I plopped the steaming hot cookie into my mouth.

And let it sit there, sweet and gooey.

Tasting like a regular cookie rather than a cookie to keep me regular.

I didn't think about the big job.

I didn't think about the tough task.

I just enjoyed the cookie.

It didn't make the choice easier.

Cookies don't have that power.

But ... it took the pressure off the moment.

And ... it took the pressure off the brain.

And that did make the choice easier.

I think life should give everyone a cookie PRN order.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more - even though I can't eat them often (too many carbs).




FunMumX3 said...

there's a reason that tea is known as the english penicillin... cures all manner of woes. but the biscuit sounds good too!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what a PRN order is, but I do know that a good cuppa (whether tea or coffee) and really seems to "gird the loins" to get those insurmountable tasks done.

But for me, one cookie leads to another and another and then makes me sleepy and lazy. Gotta fuggeddaboud the cookie part. :^)