Saturday, May 05, 2012

Joe's Dirty Little Secret

Man, is this post probably going to disappoint those of you looking for salacious gossip.

Oh well, here goes.

Do you remember a few weeks ago I wrote about my first ride in the MV1? Well there is a bit of a back story to that lovely ride. I had gone to work on WheelTrans and Joe had arranged to pick me up for our drive down to the staff retreat. In order to do that he had to get my power chair out of the apartment, down the elevator and out on to the car. I was a bit stressed about this and asked him to call when the chair was successfully on board. He called. All was well.

Well, I just found out that there was a large part of the story that I'd missed. As I got off the elevator today I noted to Joe these scratches in the paint on the door jamb of the elevator. "These look like they could have been made by my chair. I hope people don't put it down to my bad driving." I laughed.

Joe didn't.

Joe always laughs.

He confessed to me after we were back into the apartment that he found getting the wheelchair down the hallway enough of a challenge. Apparently he bounced the chair off the hallway wall three times on the way down to the elevator. The smaller elevators were impossible for him - and admittedly they are a bit tough but I manage them all the time. He had to go down to the get the superintendents of the building to lock of the larger moving elevator so he could bring it up and get the chair on to it without the doors closing too quickly.

"That thing," he said pointing at my chair, "is evil."

I looked shocked so he downgraded his assessment.

"Well, it DOES have a mind of its own."

I agreed.

I would have loved to have been able to have seen the security video of Joe's trip down the hallway in a bucking and impatient chair. It would have looked like some ludicrous reality television show "Wheelchair Rodeo".


Now that I think of it, Joe looks cute in a cowboy hat!


Kristin said...

Thanks for the laugh, Dave (and Joe). That story brought a big smile to my face and a bit of a laugh to my voice.

Anonymous said...

How I could relate. While on a trip I rented a power chair. It made my life so much easier and I was thrilled to have it - until I had to navigate through a turnstile and on to a tram/monorail. Made it - whew - but when we got to our stop I couldn't manipulated the chair around (new people on board) to exit. You see the exit ended up being on the opposite side of the entrance - so it wasn't a matter of just reversing direction. Well - after my own "rodeo entry" - and with time running out - I started to laugh at the situation(my friend, not so much). I managed to get off the chair and a few fellows jumped to my aide and turned the power chair physically then I jumped back on and we headed out the door just in time. I didn't get away unscathed though - managed to rip my jeans in all the activity. Still have them - and the stitched "scar" of my adventure brings a smile. I can still hear the laughter of the folks as I tootled away - my own joining in.

My friend was horrified - "How can you laugh? That was awful and so embarrasing?!" "Aw - it was funny - like a bad joke. Imagine how it looked to others me going back and forth and not getting anywhere." "Still", she continued, "it was a bit stressful, and you ripped your pants." "Relax - we will never see them again. Besides - it made their day. They were heros and we put a smile on their face."

Hopefully Joe will be able to smile about it soon. And how sweet to do all that, not tell you as you are headed out to the retreat. Yes - the security clip would be funny. Thanks for sharing.

Tamara said...

Dave and Anonymous - thank you for the smiles this morning! Poor, Joe. Sounds like he's still a bit traumatized by that "evil" chair!

Louna said...

It's not good with strangers, eh? Thanks for the laugh!

Kristine said...

Haha, I always love watching other people try to maneuver my chair! It's always ten times harder than they think it will be. :)

Susan said...

Thanks for the smile, Dave. I love that Henry has bit of a jealous streak - and a sense of humour! :) Poor Joe.

Rosemary said...

I have an electric scooter that does not stop on a dime (or a quarter or looney either.). Even on the lowest power setting, it continues to move forward or backward until it decides it has scared me enough.
Please tell Joe that we rented a scooter when we visited the Vatican in Rome. I admit to scratching up a few walls there. Pretty awesome when I think about it!

Bubbles said...

I have had to drive many a motorized wheelchair in my day for the individuals I've served, often, after we had assisted them to bed. I have no idea how anyone drives a motorized chair with the little stick thingy, especially since many had much fine motor difficulty!