Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Brief Hello

Do you ever, on Sunday, put your fingertips up on the edge of Monday, pull yourself up to take a look at the day coming, and sink back into Sunday with renewed determination to enjoy freedom? Well, that's kind of what just happened. We're up early, as per usual, and have yet to discuss the day. It will probably be an MorM day (Move or Museum) but it's still early and the day is full of possibilities. However, today, I'm going to skip writing a blog. We spent the day, yesterday, watching a Wagner opera at the movie theatre - I got a severe case of Wagner butt from which I am still recovering - and after watching Wotan say goodbye to Brunhilde for nearly two hours, I'm drained of all creativity.

So, I'll just wish you a good day as I head into the day before Monday determined to wring a bit of relaxation out of the day because ... I've got a real Monday coming.


Tamara said...

Even when you don't write a blog, I seem to glean a little inspiration from your blog. I think I'm going to wring out as much good stuff out of Sunday as I can because there's a big week ahead. Enjoy!

John R. said...

Enjoy this Sunday!! I hope you and Joe get relaxed, energized and inspired. Oh, and eat some good food..what is a Sunday without good food??