Thursday, May 17, 2012

Night Owls

Joe made a little mistake.

He booked several lectures in a row without checking travel time between them.

We've been dreading this week.

I finished on Tuesday and drove nearly 8 hours to our hotel that night.

Wednesday, after lecturing for the day we got in the car and drove nearly 7 hours.

So I'm here having the weird feeling that, though I'm seated at the computer, I'm still moving.

But, though we've dreaded it, it's been going well. We've met nice people, had good responses to the training and have driven through beautiful countryside. We've even had a road meal of instant mac and cheese - and found it reassuringly, odd.

For two men who go to bed at eight, this night life is rather wild.

But we're in the hotel now and tomorrow we can come back here after the day and just crash.

Talk to you then.


Marlon said...


You seem to work really hard on your lectures despite your disability. You must be a great inspirational author/speaker or something. Do you have videos of your lectures or notes that can be viewed in youtube, here or elsewhere? Also can I share them on my blog? I have an older brother who is also disabled since birth, I thought maybe perhaps I can let him watch your lectures and inspire him too.



Louna said...

Marlon, what exactly is the relationship between working hard at lectures and being disabled? Yes, Dave does a terrific job, but I don't get why his disability makes him any more "inspiring" than he already is.

Marlon said...

I'm sorry Louna I meant no disrespect, it's just that I too see my physically impaired brother everyday and he also tries to cope with the challenges in daily life and I just want to let my brother know that there are incredible people out there like Dave. Anyways I guess I'll show him Dave's blog and share the inspiring blogs he wrote here.

I apologize but honestly I hope you know that all I was thinking about is sharing a piece of wisdom, hope and beauty in life to my brother.