Friday, May 04, 2012

News and Updates

I'm just back home from a two week road trip and am feeling massively uninspired right now. So I'm going to simply do a 'news' and 'update' short post.

One of the difficulties in having a blog is that I get regular emails from readers regarding various fundraising activities or other such things that they'd like my blog to publicize. I try to write back to everyone, apologies if I missed one or two, and just explain that my blog is a personal blog and I don't use it to promote agencies, or fundraising, or to provide a general public platform. Rolling Around in My Head is, very simply, a personal blog. Most often people are kind in their responses, some very few get angry. In reality if I put these things up I'd never have to write another blog! Anyways, I'm going to promote something for the first time. In this case I was NOT asked to - which matters somehow. I received an email informing me of a national survey on abuse and disability (not to worry for international readers, you can take the survey and indicate, when asked, what country you are from). I thought the questions important. I think this kind of survey can really make a difference. So I encourage all of you who read here, to take the time to do the survey.

Many of you will have received Vita's Direct Care Staff Newsletter - this issue called Breasts, Buttocks and Boundaries ... which is about dressing for work in human services. If you have not received it and want to receive it email me at work (emails to my home will NOT result in a copy, I can't send them from home.) The newsletter is becoming quite popular and please feel free to send it to any one or any service provider who you think might want it.

I AM FINE. Some of you were very concerned about me after my 'anger' post. What was funny is that several people were worried that I was writing about THEM. It got me wondering what they'd done that I didn't know about. I wrote that post because I wanted to say something about anger. I wanted to be honest about how hurt and anger can lead to understandable reactions. But, I'm fine. Really. Thanks for worrying though.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a regular post.

Thanks for popping by.


R said...

Survey lists cerebral palsy and epilepsy alongside intellectual impairment... what the actual fuck?!

Bubbles said...

Recently, I had a class action lawsuit, for residents of a local institution that closed down, come across my desk. I loved that the purpose was not, currently, monetary compensation but just to get the government to acknowledge that abuse and neglect did take place in that institution. My brother would of lived in that particular institution for 30 plus years. Although he is non-verbal and we wouldn't be allowed acces to that historical information about him, it is evident, by his behaviour, that he was abused and neglected. It has taken us years to undo some of what was done to him and I am always amazed that in his sixties he proves that age doesn't matter, in a supportive, nurturing environment, the capacity of the brain to learn and grow is still possible!

Colleen said...

Dear Dave:

Just completed the survey. I hope it does some good.


Dave Hingsburger said...

Becca, I think that was the question regardin 'developmental disability' ... and the definition includes a wide range of disabilities. This is one of the reasons for the shift to the term 'intellectual disability' as it refers to a specific disability rather than a group of disabilities.