Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fringe Festival


We bought this top a couple of weeks ago, when we were in the States, from Justice, a store that specializes in clothing for girls. We took it this weekend with us up to Ottawa, along with a few other things for the kids. We wanted them to have some fun summer clothes and, of course, we get to shop. Sadie fell in love with this top, she looks spectacular in green, and wore it happily through the day. She's beginning to notice clothing and be particular about what she wears. It's fun seeing her style sense come out - quite different from Ruby's tastes - and establish her own clear likes and dislikes.

This trip to Ottawa was quite different for us because we were able to take my power chair for the very first time. It completely liberated me to travel farther distances, to go places that I had just never gone. I also became a kind of bus for the girls. Ruby likes to stand on the back of the chair, Sadie is still to small for that, so she prefers to ride up front. It's a great way of getting kids from place to place with a reasonable amount of speed.

On Saturday we went to Metro down near the market. Mike had taken Sadie in the car, and Ruby was riding with us. I'd never been in that Metro, usually staying in the car while Joe runs in. This time, I motored along from the hotel, with kid on back, and with Joe at my side. We got to the store and saw, by noticing the van in the parking lot, that Sadie and her dad were already there. Up the ramp and in, we found them. Sadie was getting tired so she put her arms up to be carried. Ruby was in 'I'm shopping' mode and was walking with Joe.

Near the peanut butter I noticed Sadie looking down but didn't know what she was looking at. She then told me that she wanted down. I let her gently to the floor. She stood there still looking down. Then. with head bent, she began to shake herself backwards and forwards, from side to side, she convulsed, she gyrated,  she shook. It was quite startling at first. A small group of shoppers stopped, watching her with curiosity. What was this kid doing? Whatever it was, it was cute. Then, in a single moment, we all realized that she was watching the tassels swing. Her movements were solely aimed at creating ripples in the fringe.

Suddenly she stopped.

Threw her head back.


I laughed too, probably making the bag on the back of my chair sway, and so did everyone else. Sadie didn't notice. She was still intent on watching the fringe sway. For the next five or six minutes she walked along side of me, taking huge steps to the left and then right, while watching the fringe sway. She, as she has been taught to do with me, had her hand on the arm of the wheelchair, and let me lead her - her eyes used for watching the motion on her top.

I took the responsibility to drive carefully and to watch for obstacles. I was lucky because the aisles were wide enough, just barely wide enough for us to make our way safely. That hand on my wheelchair. That head looking down. Was Sadie's way of saying 'I trust in my safety when I am with you.'

I take that seriously.

She feels safe in my care.

I hope that all do.


Utter Randomness said...

That isn't where I thought this post was going, in a good way. I'm very impressed that you found that particular grocery store accessible. When I was there last, there were metal poles blocking the top of the ramp, to stop people from absconding with the carts. I would have thought that those would have been a barrier, but I'm very glad that wasn't your experience :)

This is a really cute story, thanks for sharing it :)

Rickismom said...

catches so well the liveliness and intensiveness of kids....

Anonymous said...

It appears that you will never be short of smiles with Sadie and Ruby around! How wonderful to share in the sheer delight of movement - in more ways than one!!!

Dave Hingsburger said...

Utter Randomness, the poles at the top of the ramp did take me aback. As I said, I'd not been in before so didn't know they were there. I found that they were spaced such that I could fit, fairly easily, through the two nearest the wall. So indeed, I was able to get in and join in with the family.

Education: Exploring Online Learning said...

Absolutely precious... I love your Ruby and Sadie stories!

Susan said...

I love that top... Hmmm. I wonder if I can get one in my size? Mind you, without Dave to look out for me, I might run into telephone poles and plate glass windows watching the fringe sway. :)

Nan said...

Sadie's delight is delightful! Her movements sound like Jessie's clothing tests when she goes shopping--she holds an item up and shakes it back and forth seeing how it might swing!

Anonymous said...

This is a very Cute top and a great story. In my opinion for the most part the clothes at Justice are horrible. Revealing, way too sexy and aim at making very little girls sex objects. I am NO prude but when I stopped in one store here in Massachusetts last Christmas to look for gifts for my two nieces I was shocked at the "look" they promoted for such young girls. I know young girls dress sexy these days, but in my opinion this store not only crossed the line they destroyed it. Maybe they have better taste or more class up north?
Have a great day

Liz Miller said...

What a splendid post.

Andrea Bastien said...

Amazing post! And I love the fringe shirt♥

Dave Hingsburger said...


You may not be a prude, but when it comes to dressing kids in a provocative and sexual manner, I am. We are very cautious about what we purchase Ruby and Sadie, and her parents are equally so. The line of clothing that we liked at Justice was inspired by the 60's and are fun and colourful - and they are cute but not sexy. I believe that childhood is already too short ... I want them to have a long go at just being kids.

Colleen said...

Dear Dave:

I just love this image of Sadie delighting in making her fringe move. Thanks for the big smile it brought to my face.

And yes, it is a huge honour to have a child so completely place her trust in you. How blessed you both are!


Joyfulgirl said...

That is SO cute!