Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Blogging tired

Here's a rare thing: this post is going straight from being written to being posted. Normally I write something during the day and then set it to post automatically. However, I've gotten home just now from a harrowing road trip. We left Boston and headed along I 90 and ran into very heavy snowfall around Syracuse. Electronic signs informed us that the Interstate was closed down due to heavy snow and an accident resulting thereby. So we had to head way north on 81 and cross into Canada and then continue on to Toronto.

We stopped at a duty free to pick up beer and pee. The snow lay heavy on the ground and I got out with that kind of urgency that 50 plus men have when there is a bathroom nearby. But I was immediately stuck. I couldn't go anywhere, my wheels just spun on the snow and ice and I sat there, frustrated watching snow land on my shoulders like piles of cold dandruff.

Joe came round and it was a struggle for him to but together we made it, him pushing, me cheering him on. Sometimes it really does take two.


My gosh.

I'm going to have to get winter tires.


Tamara said...

Need to bring chains along to wrap around those tires!!!

Brenda said...

So glad you made it home safely!

Princeton Posse said...

How about some studs on those tires?

Fun Mum said...

Being a fan of your blog, I hope you don't mind if I take a poke at your post today? .... 'pick up beer and pee'... Who knew they sold pee at duty free? LOL. I hope you didn't get picked up at the border for running pee without a licence... LOL. Sorry, I'll shuttup now.

Lene Andersen said...

Welcome home! glad you got there in one piece (and with a relieved bladder ;)) and

I hate winter. Well, I like the way snow looks when it falls and when it's all pretty, but I hate the side effects, like being housebound for days.

Ettina said...

Lene Anderson, you sound like my best friend (who has CP and uses a motorized chair). Her friends in wheelchairs keep telling her she's nuts when she says she likes winter because the snow is pretty. On one occasion, me and her were walking from one university building to another, and she mistook a snowbank for a curb cut and got stuck. Me and a random passerby had to get on opposite sides of the chair and yank/push to get her through.

Shoveling sidewalks is an accessibility issue. I never realized that before befriending someone in a wheelchair.

Laurel said...

Funny to read this post as I live on the other side of the lake from where you ran into trouble. It was a surprise to hear you were in our part of the world, however briefly. Sorry it wasn't a nicer pass-through! (Although over here we had almost no snow to speak of. Now it's just damn cold.) I hate winter driving, so there's a lot of white-knuckle experiences for me at this time of year. Totally understand the need to decompress when it's done.