Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Long Nights: Disability Blog Carnival



We’ve all had long dark nights. We’ve all learned, to greater and lesser degrees how to survive them. This Disability Blog Carnival comes on the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. One can forget that in another part of the world, it is the day with most light. There is always balance. The submissions to the Carnival speak of strategies rather than solutions, realizations rather than remedies. I think that’s what makes them so compelling. I wrote my post the other day and realized how deep and how difficult it was to write about darkness. I applaud all who submitted and thank them for the many times I was moved, to tears, to thought and, perhaps even, to action.

The Disability Blog Carnival:

At 'Ballastexistenz' an idea of how to deal with the realities of life, the fear that invades us is compellingly presented. Submission as victory is a wonderful new concept to consider. 'Dark Angel' tells of what she learned during a dark time. She discovered what would become a passion. Many travel difficult paths only to finally find direction. Dark Angel is an example of this fact. Over at 'life of the differently abled' a long night leads eventually to healing.

Sometimes just surviving darkness is the goal. 'Oh, And One More Thing' writes of a journey that started in darkness and fear and grief that ends … well I don’t want to spoil the suspense. She writes of the role of faith and the support she found in others. 'The Seated View talks about sidestepping limitations and discovering happiness. Learning that life is enough is a lesson from dark times that carries on through days, sometimes filled with pain. Imagine being a new mom and researching to find pictures of kids with the same disability as your child. Imagine seeing their pictures with a black bar across their eyes. Imagine managing to see a smile on censored faces. 'The River of Jordan' takes us through very long nights and into days lit by a child’s eyes.

The power of love, even love newly discovered, is a powerful thing. 'Butterfly Dreams' also takes readers on a journey and demonstrates the power of reaching out and the magic that can happen. Sometimes love comes unexpectedly when one risks. Loneliness can turn into community. At 'After Gadget' the mere fact of writing the blog post helped with realization. Little things become wildly important in dark nights. Big Gadgets and little gadgets matter … you’ll have to read the post to understand what that means!

'My Shiny Moments' writes about garlands, lights and drag queens! A post about Christmas that’s full of the spirit … lights in dark places can be coloured! 'Abnormal Diversity' finds that in darkness comes dreams and from dreams come ideas. Sleep is a slippery thing but dreams are more solid than one might, at first, think. 'My Little Stinkerie' writes a post called ‘get it in writing’ and there’s nothing I can say that wouldn’t give away too much and spoil the surprise. You’ll just have to read the post to find out how the title fits the post.

Real change is just one of the themes of 'Screw Bronze' with a post that will leave you thinking, feeling and reacting. It takes courage to speak of the unspeakable, 'Screw Bronze' is always up for that challenge. At 'Miss Invisible'we are reminded of the importance of family. Of those who remain steadfast during difficult and dark times. Many of us are inspired by the courage of others, at 'Whatever He Says' one man’s journey, one man’s attitude inspires readers to look at life and at struggles differently. Courage, facing reality and call to change.

It seems that every time I host the carnival I miss at least one. I did again this year Finding My Way was accidently left out. Pop over and visit, read some hints for surviving depression, add more in the comments there.

We end this carnival ride with a post from 'Half Soled Boots' which takes us on a literal journey. Death is encountered and experienced and all the while seasons turn. And that, dear readers, takes us through this dark night and hopefully into dawn.

Thanks again to all who participated, either by writing or by reading. And thanks to Mike for his evocative photos.

Next month the Disability Blog Carnival will be hosted over at 'Butterfly Dreams' and the topic is ... Let Your Freak Flag Fly.


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Thanks for the shout-out, Dave. Great posts, all!

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