Thursday, December 02, 2010


The elevator was down. A woman leaned against the wall, bitching. An old woman looked mortified. A fellow, also in a power chair came in and we told him, in unison, that the elevator was broken down. Joe had gone down the stairs to check to see if it was simply stuck. He came up saying that it wasn't just stuck, it was broken. The fellow who'd come in said to Joe, as if Joe worked for him, 'You need to go upstairs and tell them at the desk that the elevator is broken down.'

I was taken aback at the fact that he felt that Joe was there to be ordered about. Joe just nodded and headed up the stairs, when he got to the top, the fellow boomed out 'And that they need to open the door to the alternate entrance', Joe turned and nodded. I then called out 'Please.'

The fellow looked at me perturbed by my intrusion. He had come in later and didn't realize that Joe was with me but that wasn't the issue. Even if he had known, people don't need to be ordered about, manners are manners and everyone needs to be treated respectfully. He started to say something in protest and I just raised my finger, no not that one, to indicate that if he continued this was going to become an issue. I'm good at the finger raising thing, I learned from the best growing up.

He sputtered and then muttered, 'OK, please ... hope that makes you happy.'

I didn't say anything but it did.

Years ago a mother said to me about the folks who worked at caring for her daughter, 'They don't get much in pay so they should get lots in thanks.'

Which reminds me ... today is International Thank A Staff (Care Provider) Day!

So do that would you please.


Brenda said...

Didn't know that such a day existed, but now that I think about it, there should be many such days throughout the year. Since my hubby is my caregiver, I'll be thanking him. I do it every day, but I'll make an extra point of it today. Thanks for continuing to educate me, Dave!

Belinda said...

Thank you for telling us what day it is today...we have so many wonderful staff to be grateful for and their quality shines through in the toughest of times.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you Dave for writing these posts every day. I am lucky that I don't need a physical caregiver but reading your blog and your wisdom everyday cares for my soul. Thank you for being you.

Kristin said...

Thank you for all you do to raise awareness and good for you for reminding that man about his manners.

Anonymous said...

I love the mental image I have of you telling this man, without words and through one raised finger, "I am not going to even listen to you try to explain why being polite is inappropriate."

Casdok said...

There are many wonderful staff out there and no they dont get paid enough.
Gratitude like good manners dosnt cost anything but can make a difference.