Sunday, December 05, 2010

Men's Legs

Psalm 147:10

His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor his delight in the legs of a man

OK, that's what I wanted to say.

I've never been really good at quoting scripture. I've read the Bible, more than once. I know pretty much what's in there and do pretty well at Biblical categories on Jeopardy. But when push comes to shove, I have to dig around to find what I want. Before Phyllis died, I'd just call her and she was able to point me in the right direction. Of course there's Belinda and Susan who are only a phone call away. They each have pretty much immediate recall of scripture. Or I can, as in this case, simply Google it. Try it, just put in the search bar these words: psalms, God, men's legs ... and 147 will come right up at the top.

But when I'm in need of it in conversation or debate, my mind goes first vague and then blank. It can be frustrating because I sound like a spiritual illiterate. And as a person with a disability, trust me you need to know your Bible. People keep wanting to pray for me, figuring I'm disabled because of sinfulness. Others figure that God is just waiting for someone to ring the doorbell and ask for my healing. So, routinely, I get approached.

Actually, that's not quite true.

Here in Canada it happens rarely. In some States, though, it happens a lot. So I was taken aback when asked innocently by someone, here in Toronto, yesterday if they could chat with me for a second. She looked like decent folk, and she probably was, but I was startled when the woman asked if she could lay hands on me. Given my, um, proclivities, this is not an experience I've had often in my life. I looked startled and she explained that she had a 'gift'.

Uh Huh.


Yeah, right.

I began to slowly back up in my chair thinking, 'Don't look her in the eye ... Don't look her in the eye.' I stammered an answer saying, essentially but not as clearly, 'No, thanks, I'm fine.'

Remember and sing along, 'I'm OK with being me'.

Or, if you don't remember that one maybe, 'Jesus loves me, this I know ...'.

She started to talk about God's love and I interrupted saying, 'God's not into men's legs.' Now she looked startled and started to back up.

A few seconds later with me babbling on about legs ... she was gone.

I don't think I'm saveable.

Except, perhaps, that maybe I already am.


Sher said...

Don't feel singled out, Dave. In his sermon last Sunday our pastor shared that he routinely, while traveling in the U.S., gets approached by Christians wanting to share the plan of salvation with him. He is not in a wheelchair or "hoodlum-looking". He is a tall, good looking Canadian man who travels with his wife and children (none of whom are in a wheelchair or "hoodlum-looking"). I wouldn't imagine their behaviour warrants such an intervention either. I, on the other hand with my tattoos and nose piercing, have never been approached (which is fine with me as I am secure in my destination. I don't think God is into women's noses either). Some people's radar is just off. Have a great day.

Dave Hingsburger said...

coffeetalk, this is good for me to know. I'm always with Joe when this happens and have noticed that they don't approach him. I assumed it was because a)I'm a bigger target and b) I'd make a better 'saved me a big'un today' story.

Cynthia F. said...

The worst was getting approached on our way into a basketball game with my three-year-old. I was like "thanks anyway, but we're Jews," thinking they would get the hint. Stupid me - they were immediately like "Don't worry, you can still be saved." These people are so incredibly patronizing!

Belinda said...

This is one of those times that a simple quick response isn't possible for me--but I want you to know that I read the post and am overwhelmed with thoughts and responsiveness. Thanks for writing. Prayer is much abused and misused methinks.

Anonymous said...

Ahh the adventures you bring to mind.
Was assessed once, one of many times, Old Doctor, Occupational Medical Expert(who possibly because to everyone but throwback me I look Jewish, took an instant apparent dislike to me). He quoted the Bible throughout the Assessment of Chemical Toxicity or Sensitivity while I replied to most and noted his shelves were full of Gynecological Books.
(My Joys having had a very expensive Private "church" School Education
Upshot was "Atypical Migraine" and he would have hated to say all my problems were Psychosomatic until further investigations were carried out........... His report was later described as Gobble de Gok Yet carefully defended as proper and in no need of correction by the NZ version of the KGB.

Later heard his wife found out that he was incorrectly assessing injured people and banned him from working wonder if there is a chapter and verse which covers such

Kristin said...

There are some people who take there faith way to far. I will never forget the time I was on an EMS call, taking care of a guy who had fallen off a roof and landed on his head. There was someone who kept getting in the way trying to lay on hands. It was all I could do not to be outright rude to her. She was endangering that guy's life.

Brenda said...

So sorry you found yourself in such a situation...I had to laugh, though. Being a preacher's kid, I've seen it all (I think), and it always strikes me that the most fervent and righteous folks (particularly the extra bold ones who will approach you no matter the situation) also seem to be those with the least exercised sense of humour. How on earth can they expect people to want to join 'the fold', when nearly everyone IN 'the fold' looks like they just bit into a rotten lemon? Just sayin'...