Monday, August 02, 2010

Today's Post Follows This One

Wow, it's early and already a couple of you have written for information about the series written for Exceptional Family magazine and wanting more information. Vita Community Living Services, has a 'personal development team' which I supervise as part of my role as the Director of Clinical and Educational Services. This team was created to design and or teach classes on subjects vital for personal safety or effective living. We offer, or are about to offer the following classes, Self Esteem, Anger Management, Abuse Prevention, Relationship Training, Boundaries Awareness, Rights and Responsibilities. Senseability: self advocacy for those with significant disabilities. These classes are offered both to Vita members and to those in the larger community. As a result of teaching, we have learned! Our teachers are like little mini experts in each of these fields.

We are working with Exceptional Family magazine to create a series of 8 articles (for those of you who are sharp eye'd counters, yes there are 7 classes but the Relationship Training class will cover two articles - one on relationship development and one on sexuality education.) The teams and I will work on the articles together. I will be the one constant in the articles, both because I find writing a joy and because then I can ensure a fairly consistent tone throughout.

It will take two years for all the articles to come out but our goal is to have them all written within the next several weeks. We've two down and scheduled two more, it's fun, it's exciting and I think the series will benefit parents, professionals and other care providers. Cause we're giving 'tips' and 'strategies' for teaching these concepts in everyday life - which is where the best teaching occurs.

Subscription information is found at the Exceptional Family website.


Anonymous said...

There is a way for U.S. people to subscribe, just follow the directions in the subscription heading.
Thanks Dave!

Dave Hingsburger said...

Oh, right, Anon, I should have remembered that I've readers beyond the borders. For those wanting an international subscription, you won't be disappointed in the quality of this magazine, email for subscription information at

Harvester said...

Why not publish the articles here on this blog so we can all read them?

Dave Hingsburger said...

Harvester, I am curious about your name, what does it mean? No, the articles will not appear on the blog. There is a place for paper publications and 'Exceptional Family' is very good at providing education and support. To read the articles I'm afraid you'll have to subscribe but in doing so you will be supporting a great publication.